Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Voted for Reagan. Yeah! That's The Ticket!

By Jeff Simpson

H/T James Rowen on this one

Rowen caught this interview with Scott Walker where he bragged about voting for Ronald Reagan!

 I remember, I was a teenager, had just become a teenager and voted for Ronald Reagan — limited government, you know, smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense.  You knew what you were getting.  You knew how a Reagan administration, a Reagan presidency was going to be better for you.

While you can make a case that there are many similarities between Ronald Reagan and Scott Walker:

There are however some similarities between Reagan and the modern day Republicans. The first and most obvious is in their love of spending our money. Ronald Reagan left office with a 3 trillion dollar deficit. He spent more than every single president before him combined. Reagan was just following a philosophy that was thought up by Republican operative Jude Wanniski called the “Two Santa Claus Theory” The theory is when Republicans are in office to pair major tax cuts with increases in spending. They would bleed the economy so much that when Democrats took over (everything is cyclical), that the economy and government would be in such a mess that if they tried to fix it as needed IE…. Tax increases , reducing spending etc… it would help usher the republicans back into power again.

I will end it with one more similarity. The Reagan Administration was the most corrupt administration in history. Back in an era when both parties worked together and the atmosphere was not as politically charged as it is now, there were multiple scandals that resulted in the investigation, indictment or conviction of 139 administration officials. The largest of course being the Iran-Contra Scandal, but there were others such as the HUD rigging scandal, Sewergate, the Savings and Loans crisis and many others.
 The funny thing is, scott walker was 13 and 17 during the Reagan election years.

 Scott Walker was born on November 2, 1967, according to various biographies - - here, or here, for example.

His campaign bio does not provide a birthdate, but he won the Wisconsin Governorship on Nov. 2nd, 2010, got a birthday cake for his 43rd birthday that night and was serenaded on his 46th birthday by a crowd in Virginia led by Republican National Committee chairman and fellow Wisconsinite Reince Priebus on Nov. 2, 2013.

His birth date is not in dispute.

Ronald Reagan was elected to his first term as President on November 4th, 1980 - - just two days after Walker's 13th birthday - - and was re-elected on Nov. 6th, 1984 - - presidential election dates, here.

On presidential election day November 6th, 1984, Scott Walker would have been 17 years and four days old.


We at CogDis have gotten our hands on Scott Walker practicing his State of the State speech!


  1. So, Scott Walker is proven to have LIED (that he was old enough to vote) or that he committed FRAUD (that he voted for Reagan even though he was underage).

    THAT should be national news. A proven lie or fraud by a Presidential candidate. And captured for posterity in an interview, no less!

  2. Let's see your voter's ID, Scooter.

  3. If Scotty was voting for Reagan before he was old enough to shave perhaps that is the reason he likes the idea of voter ID laws so much. He wants to prevent other youngsters from doing the same.

  4. This is nothing new. Walker is a proven liar...He just cannot tell the truth if it will harm his image. In addition to lying he constantly says stupid things. Like backwoods ain't got no education kinda stuff. I can't imagine the US electing such a moron for President. No wonder Walker never graduated college...

  5. I like anony 1, in that the "news," should be investigated, but I thought this voting story more likely to be a deliberate lead-up/set up by Walker as an excuse covering the reason for his current lies about the budget and jobs, and covering for his past claims and eventual defense, of having had no knowledge of activity concerning John Doe 1 and 2, were the result of numerous traumatic head injuries he suffered while playing linebacker and running back for the school while attending Marquette.

  6. How did Wisconsin let Walker win??? He is so dumb it is embarrassing. His policies are so pathetically ineffective it is embarrassing. His quid pro quo open for business BS is so unethical it is embarrassing. The only thing Walker has going for him is how sneaky he is - he always manages to weasel his way back in. I've often wondered if he has some cognitive problems, which is even more pronounced when he speaks. Last, I am tired of Walker using "we" instead of my. He constantly refers to himself in plural...very weird and embarrassing. Guv Hodunk ...what were you thinking WI?????

  7. Or maybe he was referring to a middle school type vote.