Friday, January 31, 2014

Republican War on Public Schools!

By Jeff Simpson

Ruth Coniff at The Progressive has a must read

here is a clip, read the whole thing:

It was Schultz who pointed out that his colleagues' plans to siphon tax dollars into private schools, even as they slash funds for public education, means setting up two parallel school systems.
"How conservative is that?" Schultz said recently. "We are trying to duplicate something we already can't afford."
Schultz also objects to the generally sour tone toward teachers, and what he calls "loose talk" in the Capitol that our public schools are "failing."
"Failing schools, hell," he said at a recent public forum. "Would you like to take me and show me, in my district, where are the failing schools?"
Schultz, like most Wisconsinites, takes pride in his local schools and feels warmly toward the teachers who look after the children in his community. Contrast that with the barrage of right-wing attacks on teachers and public education generally this week during National School Choice Week.


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  1. The drive toward promoting more voucher schools is just another mechanism for Walker to funnel public tax money into the pockets of his loyal supporters.