Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scott Walker's Lies of the Lies Address

Here I sit in my living room, eagerly awaiting to hear Scott Walker drool out lies in his state of the state speech. I can't wait to hear how much everyone will be getting screwed!

He's seriously referred to as the "honorable" Scott Walker?? Is it really fair to call him "honorable"? I don't think so. I always thought you had to DO something honorable to be awarded that title. I guess they're just handing it out these days! Maybe I get to be the Honorable Meg Gorski! Who knows!

It's so cute that Walker acknowledged tribal governments. Probably the only time he ever has, considering he never consulted them on stealing their land up north to let corporations ravage it as they see fit. He's really something, and not something good.

He opens by lying about job losses in our state. We have not had "significant job growth." We are not "going back to work." Work is leaving our state. He's rolling out the $912 million dollar figure talking point. Says he wants to give us back our surplus. Never mind the budget windfall we will have in the next 2 years. No biggie. Wants to give us tax relief. Who couldn't use an extra $13 bucks in their pocket? We can use it for gas money to drive to the jobs we don't have. Instead, why not try bettering our public schools with that money? Oh wait....ha! Those pesky public schools.

"Meaningful tax cuts" aka corporate tax cuts for some, tax increases for the rest of us. Who wrote this? A room full of monkeys? Says private sector job growth has been miraculously increasing and that we're ranked #4 in rise of income. How is that possible?? WE'RE LOSING JOBS! More than 100,000 jobs have apparently been created over the past 3 years. Gee, that sounds like an awful lot like NOT true. Most of the jobs Walker is discussing require degrees that most of us just cannot pay for because he's damaged our colleges and universities with funding cuts. ANY, if ANY, job gains, are thanks to President Obama. NOT Scott Walker. You can't create jobs by simply saying you have.

"Wisconsin is going back to work." No, it isn't. It can't go back to work when businesses are packing up, folding up and leaving for other states and foreign countries.

Wisconsin has created 13,000 new business? What? He's still holding out for that 250,000 new jobs created goal. Now he's bringing up Jim Doyle. In the words of Republicans, "BUT THEY AREN'T (INSERT LEADER HERE) ANYMORE! IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT! IT'S YOURS!" How come Republicans can use that argument, but lefties can't? Like, everything wrong and terrible with our national economy is Obama's fault, and if he suggests that perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, if was the 8 years of failed Bush economics, the GOP pounces. Now he's talking about the "tough" fiscal decisions he had to make. Like cutting public school funding, funding for Planned Parenthood, BadgerCare, Foodshare, ect. Because who needs that shit? No one, you government teat sucking tick! Now get back to your job that doesn't exist!

"Hard working tax payers" is right-wing code for giant soul sucking corporations. Woohoo for that $13 dollar property tax relief! Not entirely sure how he can stand up there and applaud the UW System when we know what he and his GOP cohorts want to do to it. He seems desperate to get to his 250,000 jobs goal by touting worker training programs. While those are good, they don't help people earn degrees. Why can't we focus on making college more affordable for those who want to go? And what happened to all the Milwaukee job training he wanted to do? He's focusing on jobs that are LOW PAYING jobs. Not something that helps support families in need.

There's no problem with doing career training after high school, but I feel like Walker is being incredibly unfair to students who want to go to college instead. He's once again taking the focus off of having to provide state funding for universities. And where is all this "Wisconsin manufacturing"? How many manufacturers have left our state since 2010?

Here he goes about schools. Will he mention the charter school in Milwaukee that stole our hard earned tax payer money and skipped town for Florida? He claims to have put $387 million for public schools? You didn't do that. You did however, cut $1.6 billion from it in 2011. Our schools have been severely damaged because of it. You, the tax payer, are paying for kids to private schools. Those charter schools? Terrible. You're paying for them. YOU paid for the one in Milwaukee who recently stole your money and hightailed it to Florida to scam tax payers there. He claims to be working to make college more affordable. Lol, no you're not. He's telling a story about a college student working 3 jobs to afford college materials. all while praising the tuition freeze. I remember I had to drop a psychology class a few years ago, because I simply couldn't afford to pay for the text book I needed. So tell me again how he's funding our universities?

Did you all hear? Walker is helping us all off our steadfast government assistance addictions! God bless him! Is there a type of government methadone for that? He claims to "not be making it harder to seek government assistance" but rather "easier to get a job." Because searching for 4+ non-existant jobs a week in order to obtain government assistance is REALLY easy, Scott! He's not understanding that steady streams of jobs are LEAVING the state for foreign countries on a monthly basis.

Everyone will be "able to seek medical insurance under medicaid." Really? Hard to do that when you're rejecting federal funding for it. He's claiming to be doing all this and that to help those out of poverty, however, his policies are KEEPING them there. Tax cuts for the rich, increases for everyone else, DOES NOT KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF POVERTY. Cutting BadgerCare funding does NOT cover people for insurance. Cutting Foodshare does NOT put food in kids' bellies. Cutting funding for school does not create a ready workforce. This guy is really unbelievable.

This "speech" was nothing more than a load of conservative bunk. I'm hoping that most people in Wisconsin have seen through it, and will work hard to keep Walker policies out of our lives as much as possible. We have a duty to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our state and our futures to make sure this jackass is voted out. Let's be Scott-free next year! We'll be so better off without him!


  1. As Christine Sinicki put it, Scott Walker is full of shit.

  2. I was waiting for him to say, "Did I mention I was an Eagle scout?"

  3. What a bunch of pissers and moaners! Wisconsin is in the top 55 states when it comes to jobs creation. So what is your problem?

  4. I remember that when Skippy just got into the Governors mansion Wisconsinw was projected to get 190,000 jobs by the end of his first term even if he did nothing. Now it looks like we won't even get the 190,000 and we won't even be close to his 250,000 job promise that was just the floor of his job growth promise.

    Who believes him, and why?