Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Clarke Needs To Return Award

Last year, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was named "Sheriff of the Year" by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), an extreme right-wing collection of nut jobs.  Among some of the questionable things that have come from the CSPOA was their stands that the federal government was a bigger threat than terrorists and that they wanted to nullify any federal laws with which they didn't agree.

When confronted by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on their level of nuttiness, Clarke said he was proud of the award:
"I am extremely proud and humbled at the same time for this recognition by an association of my peers," Clarke said in a statement.

Then he added: "Have you ever been recognized by an association of writers as Journalist of the Year? If you ever are, and I read about it, I will congratulate you, not try to poop on your recognition."
The CSPOA are again in the news for taking their nuttiness to a new level, wanting to take Utah back from the homosexuals:
On Saturday, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) organized what it called an “uprising” in Utah to protest a federal court’s decision that struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby struck down the ban, then upheld his ruling three days later, leading Utah conservatives to take extreme measures to oppose it.

The CSPOA’s “uprising” consisted of a meeting in which a standing-room only crowd of same-sex marriage opponents watched PowerPoint presentations about the federal government overstepping its authority. Organizers and speakers claim that Governor Gary Herbert has failed the people of Utah, and that it is up to the sheriff’s to “take back” the state from “the homosexuals.”

Former Graham County, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack said that “[t]he people of Utah have rights, too, not just the homosexuals. The homosexuals are shoving their agenda down our throats.”
Now that the CSPOA has crossed the line and is espousing blatant bigotry, it's time for Clarke to denounce the group and return the award that these crackpots gave him.  Unless, that is, he feels that he is somehow being honored by having his name tied to a group of homophobic goofs.  If Clarke doesn't return his award, we can only presume that he agrees with the homophobic stance of this group, making him unfit for office.

Now, I really don't expect Clarke to suddenly change course and do the right thing by returning the award and distancing himself from these reprobates.  After all, we are talking about a guy that is willing to bend the law enough to keep Fran McLaughlin, one of Scott Walker's former staffers who did politicking on county time, as his mouthpiece.

What I do expect is for people to get fed up with Clarke and his crazy antics and his bigoted friends and ousting him by voting for Chris Moews.  It's time for Milwaukee County to stand up for itself and get rid of this sideshow clown that we have for a sheriff now.


  1. Oh, I think he should keep the award--it is proof that Clarke is part of the soup.

  2. The surface level, gospel lacking movement that has been called Christianity by most Americans used to anger me. Now it saddens me. There are millions of spiritually dead, sin enslaved people wading throughout their lives with no real love for God, desire to know Him, or passion for His purposes; yet, because they’ve got their tie on straight and hair up high walking into church on Sunday, they think their on their merry way to heaven. When you ask them about their salvation, they assure you that was something they already took care of back in the day. There’s no urgency in their hearts to know God. There’s no fire in their bones for the things of God. They’re just so….. dead. But, they are of course Christian, because:
    1) They prayed a prayer they didn’t even understand when they were 4.
    2) They go to church almost semi-regularly.
    3) They read the whole bible that one summer at youth camp.
    4) They’re a registered republican.
    5) They got baptized… twice.
    So many people define their Christian life by what they do, but not by what Christ has done.
    America at large is spiritually dead. God isn’t the passion of these people’s lives….money, recognition, power and lust motivate the sickened hearts of the multitudes around us, even within the Church. They just cloak there selfish motives with the name of Jesus.
    Almost every anti-religious, gospel-rejecting person I’ve ever talked to sees past the porcelain smile right into the cast-iron heart of the average American “Christian”. They see the self-righteousness. They see the pride. They see there’s no genuine care or concern. There’s just emptiness, nothingness, and death.
    Professing Christians in this country aren’t any better off than you are when it comes to their eternal security in Christ. I also want to assure you that the majority of the Christianity you see around you is a bogus, man-made, man-centered, circus. Don’t base your belief in Jesus simply on the religiosity of other people. Look to the Bible. Read it and take it in, for what it says, and shape your view of Jesus there.
    In the midst of the stampedes of judgmental, self-righteous “church folk”, there are also genuine and passionate lovers of Christ intermingled in the mix. They’re often not noticed, because of their humility. They’re often not rich, because of their sacrifice. You won’t see them picketing the streets with anti-gay signs, because they’re sharing the gospel with their gay friends at work. You won’t find them burning down abortion clinics, because they’re at home taking care of the baby they adopted from a 15 year-0ld teen.
    These people, these Christians, aren’t just “saying the right things”. They aren’t just smiling on Sunday. They are out living what they believe… because their hearts have been so radically transformed by Jesus Christ.
    “You will know them by their fruit”- Matthew 7:16

  3. He wants job security. Since Wisconsin allowed conceal and carry Milwaukee almost passed Chicago in murders as the headlines have read. Chicago has 2.7 million people next to 598,000 in Milwaukee. 1/6th the size. it`s working as people ay like scooter.

  4. So if you oppose gay marriage (a stance Obama had up until about 5 minutes ago) then you are unfit for office? I love the open arms of the liberal left..."You can believe anything you want, as long as we agree with it." How dare someone hold an opinion that differs from the liberal left!

    1. "So if you oppose gay marriage (a stance Obama had up until about 5 minutes ago) then you are unfit for office?"

      No, not at all. However if the office you're elected to is to enforce the law, and you support an organization who is blatantly stating they will not enforce laws they do not agree with then yes, you are not fit to hold that office. Not that we needed another reason to come to the conclusion that Clarke wasn't fit to wear a badge.

      "I love the open arms of the liberal left..."You can believe anything you want, as long as we agree with it." How dare someone hold an opinion that differs from the liberal left!"

      Well, we can't all be as accepting of differing ideas and lifestyles as the right is. You know, like the story above where they insist on applying the laws equally to the LBGT community and all. I mean, if we did that, then who would be left to ignorantly and arbitrarily hate and discriminate based on things like race, sex, gender ID, sexual identity, religious beliefs, nationality, and skin color? Can you imagine what a cesspool the country would be in if we allowed those...people, to influence legislation, vote without disenfranchisement, or hell even control their own bodies? Sorry, you probably can't being part of the bastion of compassion and acceptance that is the conservative right. Carry on with your virtuous plight.