Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Scott Jensen Employee Caucus

By Jeff Simpson

The story that has met with great glee by our friends on the right was one of recently elected republican rep Jessie Rodriguez.   She has said that as the second Latina in the legislature and the first republican minority(as far as I can remember), she will NOT be joining the Black and Latino Caucus:

“As an immigrant, I’m proud of my Salvadorian heritage. I’m also proud of the work I’ve done with low-income Hispanic parents across the state helping them invest in the future of their children.
“And so with due deference to Representative Mandela Barnes and his group, I don’t need to be a part of a minority caucus to understand communities of color or find ways to empower them.
Rodriguez is very proud of her Heritage but it is best not to highlight it if you want to advance within the republican party.   Besides as she acknowledges, she owes other people her allegiance.  

“The voters of the 21st Assembly District sent me to Madison, not to be bogged down by identity politics, but to work with my colleagues and Governor walker to continue making Wisconsin a great place for everyone.”

 Meaning Rodriguez owes the people who sent her there too much to spend any time on minority issues or working to make Wisconsin equal for all.   As we reported here at Cogdis, Scott Jensen bought this seat and he demands a return on his hefty investment.     When Scott Jensen spends over $100,000 to win a seat there will be no room for helping minorities in Wisconsin anywhere in your job description.   Ms. Rodriguez has to run again in November(her seat was a special election) and there is no way she wants to turn the Walton family/Bradley Foundation spigot of free cash off.    

While I do not blame her for that if she wants to continue being elected(who doesn't really, I hear the ALEC conventions are great), let's  not pretend that it is a move of independence, when in reality it is a gesture of pure dependence.   

Here is Ms. Rodriguez with formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen who is banned from running for elected office in WI but unfortunately not banned from buying politicians who can.   
Maybe she can start the Scott Jensen employee Caucus!    

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  1. I expect her to introduce legislation mandating that all Latinos speak German or something equally insane and self loathing.