Tuesday, January 21, 2014

James Wigderson: Thin-Skinned and Thick-Headed

James Wigderson, who could most generously be described as a free lance propagandist, sure is thin-skinned and thick-headed.

Wigderson, who produces vast amounts of inanity for MacIver Institute (Motto: Anything but a news service!) and White Wisconsin, is trying - rather unsuccessfully - to join in the preemptive damage control which is coming from the Son of Doe investigations into the illegal collaboration between groups like MacIver and the political campaigns of Scott Walker and the other Teapublicans who were subjected to recalls.

Their strategy consists of trying to smear and discredit anyone who might report on the investigation, regardless of how foolish their attacks might make them look.

Wigderson tried to do that to Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now and Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  The result of Wigderson's efforts was to get blocked by Stein on Twitter, which Wigderson promptly whined about on his blog.

When I first saw this in my reader, I found this hilariously hypocritical of Wigderson, since he had blocked me and several other lefties years ago.  And checking now, I find that I am indeed still blocked:

But as with all right wing nut jobs, there's more.  There's always more.

When I actually went to his blog to get the link for this post, what do I find but that Wigderson is apparently selling ad space to people targeting - well, let's just say lonely men:

I can't wait until he starts lecturing us on how to live a pure and proper life and all about his family values.


  1. The whole family values thing is a tested message - not based on how any politician lives their life. Especially not Republicans. Mitt Romney...against abortion unless the surrogate of his son's twins discovered that they were defective. Good old Mitt et al wrote in the surrogates contract that they could terminate the pregnancy. Pro - life? LOL. Newt Gingrich, who called for Clinton impeachment for Lewinsky was in fact having his own affair for the 3rd time with his current wife Calista. Family values?? LOL. Republicans are big BS machines. Don't buy the hype. Smoke and mirrors.

  2. If you want to talk about hypocrisy no one could possibly compete with the extremely high bar raised by Mark Bell-ow-ing.

    Don't know if he's still doing it but a few years ago I had a friend working at Victor's, the multi-generational den of iniquity (it's also known as "Victim's) on Van Buren, just north of Juneau.

    Bell(ow)ing closed the place every night. Or at least most nights my friend was working. A monumentally crappy tipper, he routinely got hammered and then left the place with a different, paid-for, lady friend each night.

    ....If you've ever wondered why the man seems so ....mercenary and cold and self-obsessed, his nightly rituals may shed some light.

    That was quite some years ago so I don't know. Maybe he's gone to rehab and sobered up and changed his life style. Or maybe he's found a new venue or just has his lady companions delivered straight to his own door step by now.

    But if it's mid-week, it's getting close to closing time and you're on the near East Side, it would be worth the time to drop in and scout the place, to see if he's still occupying a bar stool by night. (As he waxes wroth about immorality and inequity by day, on his radio programme.)

    .....I'm posting this Anon because OpenID routinely snags or hangs up when I try to log in. But it must be like a very open secret. Victor's is a reasonably popular place, this occurred many, many times and it's not like my friend was the only witness.

  3. Anybody read Widgerson's rant today about Democrats have a bad history on drunk driving? This coming from a purveyor of cheap hooch at his self proclaimed Library & Pub. Well done Wiggy, got yourself all ginned-up on tea drink and go on a binge blog. Careful you don't lose your inhibitions and like most self proclaimed family value republicans have gay sex in airport bathrooms. Don't throw the shot glass when you live in splendid palatial glass houses in Walkershaw County, you asshole.

  4. Ahem... You DO know that the ads on his site are based on your recent browsing history, and draw from your browser cookies, yes? Says more about you than it does about him...