Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Predator Lenders Now Targeting Teachers

Image via Mother Jones

Benjy Hansen-Bundy, writing at Mother Jones, reports on a very disturbing trend coming to the United States - predatory lenders targeting teachers who are trying to keep sufficient supplies in their classrooms.
Evidently, the $1.6 billion that K-12 teachers already spend out of pocket on school supplies just isn't cutting it. Thankfully, the Silver State Schools Credit Union of Las Vegas, Nevada, now offers loans specifically for K-12 teachers who are struggling to scrape together the classroom essentials on their hemorrhaging budgets, Sociological Images reported.

"If you're a K-12 teacher in the state of Nevada, you know that keeping the classroom supply cabinet fully-stocked can be costly," reads the email SSSCU sent to its members. "To help you purchase the materials you need beyond what the school's budget may provide we've created a low-interest Classroom Supply Loan especially for you."

How thoughtful!
As the gentle reader is aware, Scott Walker and his fellow Teapublican sockpuppets have cut a billion dollars out of the public education system in Wisconsin. Furthermore, they have slashed teachers' salaries, making an important job even more difficult to do successfully.

They have also been pandering to the high interest predatory lenders who normally prey on the poor and students.

Is it just a matter of time before we see some crap like this entering our once great state?

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  1. Oh, that 860 million he claims is a budget surplus!