Monday, January 20, 2014

The Primary That We'd Pay To See

Joel Kleefisch has always been an embarrassment to the State of Wisconsin.  But he has started to become so bad that he is now an embarrassment to the state's Teapublicans.  And when one considers that we are talking about people like Robin Vos, Mary Lazich, Glenn Grothman and Leah Vukmir, that is a considerable accomplishment.

It started out a couple of years ago, when he started to fixate on his lust for blood and phallic symbols when he wanted to start shooting everything in sight. It got so bad that Big Bird had to go into the witness protection program for a while.

A few month later - in an incident that would become a sign of things to come - Kleefisch went to bat for Herr Environmental, who had dumped toxic amounts of raw sewage onto fields close to people drinking wells.  Walker's DNR was already downgrading the situation to a slap on the wrist, but that was still too much for Kleefisch, who wanted to let bygones be bygones.  The fact that the owner of Herr Industries was a big campaign donor to Kleefisch and his wife was just "coincidental."

More recently, we learned that Kleefisch feels that he is above the laws he helps to write when he was busted for a hunting violation.  You know that this isn't the only time he's done something like this.

Kleefisch isn't just physically lazy but intellectually lazy as well.  He showed us this when he got caught plagiarizing quotes from congressman.  Even more problematic, he had to rely on Ashlee Moore - you do remember Ashlee Moore, don't you? - to resolve the mess he created.

Just days ago, we learned that Kleefisch was catering to millionaire Michael Eisenga, working directly with Eisenga to write a bill that would lower Eisenga's child support payments.  As with Herr Environmental, the fact that Eisenga was donating to Kleefisch and his wife was, I'm sure, purely coincidental.

This last incident is so embarrassing that fellow Teapublicans are trying to quietly slink away and put as much distance between themselves and Kleefisch as they can.  These fleeing Teapublicans include Paul Farrow and Leah Vukmir.  And if you can embarrass Vukmir, you know you have really screwed up.  This is a woman who wrote a column stating that ALEC is actually good for us.  She has no shame.

Some have been calling for Kleefisch to step down, which is something that is not going to happen voluntarily.  Some have called for Kleefisch to be investigation.  But that won't happen until under J.B. Van Hollen.  It would have to wait until at least Jon Richards wins that seat.

But there is a way for the state, and for WISGOP, to rid itself of this man. 

He could be primaried. 

And the perfect candidate to primary Kleefisch would have to be someone who is familiar with politics and someone who could pull up the necessary votes to win in such a crazy and dysfunctional part of the state.

And gentle reader, there is such a candidate.

Her name is Kathy Nickolaus.  Hey, she is looking to get back into politics and with her math skills, she would be a natural fit with Walker's budget.  She already lives in that district and so won't have to move either.

And wouldn't such a race - one between the corrupt and the inept - be the perfect analogy for today's WISGOP?


  1. On my part, a silent scream.

  2. I have many words for Kathy Nickolaus, but inept? Not one of them.

    1. Exactly, she's as crooked as Joel. She just works for the party instead of campaign contributors.

      The common thread is "Republican from the 262 area code." Which speaks volumes by itself.

    2. Make no mistake. Kathy couldn't care less about donations to WisGOP. Kathy's big ticket item is the passage of any anti-abortion legislation she can possibly support, including any messing with vote counts to elect any Republican legislator or Supreme Court justice who would pass anti-abortion legislation.

  3. I'd like to see someone -- anyone -- file an ethics complaint against Mr. Kleefisch, listing all the questionable dealings he has had. There is quite the list of what seem to be issues of "pay-to-play" and corruption with the Lt. Governor's husband.

  4. Joel and Becky are so despicable if they retain their jobs in public office, that is a crime in itself. The reason he isn't under investigation is the Republicans have so much to lose politically. Never has WI had such a dysfunctional and corrupt majority from the Gov. On down. Never. And they are all protecting eachother. There is a treasure trove of indictments waiting for the Republicans in WI and someone will turn eventually. I think the most likely candidates to turn to cover themselves are Joel (he would toss Becky under the bus if he had to), Becky, Vos, Fitz. The WI Republicans are so sleezy it is embarrassing. Last, why does Joel always look crazy? That guy scares me - I swear one day he is going to go off the wall and do something nutty. Joel is a ticking time bomb.

    1. And I forgot the other one who is just as crazy as Joel - Mary Lazish from New Berlin. OMG how did that woman get elected? Ever watch her on Youtube? She scolds, yells, and acts like a jerk to her constituents. She takes 0 accountability and it makes me sick that WI taxpayers are funding her fat pension. She is another nut that needs to lose her job ASAP.