Thursday, January 9, 2014

He's Sorry!

By Jeff Simpson

 GOP Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel, who gave formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen a get out of jail free card,has revealed another skeleton in his closet.   He had a drunk driving conviction in 1990. 

Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel was cited in May 1990 in Milwaukee County for first-offense drunken driving. Schimel, 48, said he made a mistake when he was young, pleaded guilty and took responsibility for his actions. He has worked to fight drunken driving as a prosecutor, he added.

Yes Schimel took responsibility for his actions, he just felt the need to wait 24 years to "take responsibility for his actions".  He had numerous chances to come clean about his conviction but never felt the need to do so, which leaves the question - what else is he hiding?

I guess as long as he is sorry, whats the harm.  I wonder if he will allow the "I'm sorry, I was young and dumb" defense to be successful with others who come through the criminal system if he becomes our next Attorney General?


  1. Jeff,

    can we also now expect the same post about the Dane Co. Democratic DA? and he was underage to boot!

  2. Yeah, Jeff... what say you about Ismael Ozanne? What else is he hiding?

  3. Of course he won't post anything, his anger keeps him from rational thinking.