Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quote of the Day

As I was writing the previous post, I noted a very ironic statement from Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele:
"I'm trying to run a functioning organization, I'm not trying to do anything that's wildly out of the norm," Abele said.
What an odd thing for Abele to say.  Remember, he is saying this in defense of the exorbitant wages he is paying his political appointees, even as he is cutting pay for other county workers and denying services to our most vulnerable citizens.

It gets even more ironic when one considers what Abele considers to be a "functioning organization."

In his short tenure, his idea of "functioning organization" includes:

  • Firing over a dozen top aides and staff members without explanation
  • Maltreatment of our most vulnerable citizens leading up to many deaths
  • Burning down the courthouse
  • Unbalanced budgets
  • Refusing to work with the unions (which will end up costing tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars)
  • Paying off Teapublican state legislators in order to end representative government and to concentrate power into his own hands.
The list could go on forever.

But come to think of it, maybe the quote isn't that ironic after all.  

Abele said that he is only trying to run a functioning organization.  He never said he was actually doing it.


  1. I do agree with the whole anti - entitlement argument made by Republicans. We should, for the sake of the nation, cut off those entitled few who are ruining it for the majority. Let's start with Abele. He inherited his money, doesn't do his elected job to serve his constituents - cut him off & FIRE him via vote. Ron Johnson, another entitled money grubbing brat. He married his money, it is WRONG that taxpayers are giving him a pension when he is fully capable of having his wife fund his retirement. Fire him via vote! Walker - has hurt this state more than anyone in the history of WI politics and could care less. Our fearless leader has NPD - narcissistic personality disorder. He has more than one pension, double dipping and ripping off taxpayers and his company (creation) WEDC has ripped off the hard working taxpayers of WI and he will NOT accept accountability. He lies more than 7 out of 10 times and he let's donors and ALEC write bills that he agrees to sign off on. He is more corrupt than IL Blago and if he worked in the private sector he would have been FIRED a long time ago. Vote him out of a job in 2014! He is another entitled politician who is collecting benefits he will deny others. FIRE ENTITLED WALKER in 2014! Kleeflesh Joel & Bumble - headed "how can we l I very you more" Becky...prostitution is still illegal in WI even though many WI Republicans like these 2 morons keep prostituting themselves and taxpayers to the highest bidders. Take back WI and vote these 2 out!

  2. Is this a typo or misquote? Maybe he said, "I'm trying to RUIN a functioning organization..."