Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Real Life Voter Fraud Found Right Here In Wisconsin

Holy smokes!

Ed Trevelen of the Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that there is real life voter fraud right here in Wisconsin!

But don't expect Charlie Sykes, MacIver Institute or Media Trackers to report on this.  As one might have guessed, the perpetrator is a Teapublican operative/legislative aide:
Marcie R. Malszycki, 33, an aide to state Rep. Warren Petryk, R-Eleva, was charged with two counts of election fraud for allegedly voting in Onalaska in 2008 and 2010, when her home address was in Madison, where she owns a home.

The charge is a felony that carries up to 3½ years of combined prison and extended supervision.

According to a criminal complaint, Malszycki was living temporarily in Onalaska in late 2008 and 2010 while on unpaid leaves from her legislative job, working on political campaigns.
This story reminded me of another case of voter fraud in 2008 in which a couple voted twice - once by absentee ballot and once in person. The reason they gave for their fraud is very telling:
Owing to the steady chatter on talk radio about voter fraud that day, he said, they assumed the worst.

"We were convinced we had been disenfranchised," he said. "There was supposed to be a check-off" for their absentee ballots.

But didn't he know they had mailed their absentee ballots about a week earlier?

"At that moment I was convinced I had not been counted, that my vote was gone."

And so when the poll worker handed them each regular ballots, they cast them.
The lesson here, kids, is that if you follow the Teapublicans or squawk radio, you're going to end up having a lot of problems.


  1. Why is it that people seem to suspect others of the crimes that they are themselves committing?

    I had little doubt that voter fraud was just this kind of activity.

    1. The psychological term is "projection"

  2. fwiw, the couple in the 2008 case were acquitted. slimy, but true.

  3. GOP operatives are such winners, aren't they? Remember the drunk chick in Waukesha, and all of the felons Walker has hired?

    It's always projection with these guys. Apparently she found it quite the barrier to formally change her address for voting. Imagine what it's like if you're poor or elderly (oh wait, GOPs are incapable of that type of empathy).

  4. Where is the mug shot?

  5. From what I'm able to glean in the WSJ article, there doesn't seem to be an allegation of voting twice; the allegation is that she voted at a temporary address in Onalaska.

    But (depending on the specifics) that isn't illegal; that the kind of thing Republicans *want* to make harder or even illegal, and Dems are fighting to keep possible. That what college students ALL THE TIME.

    According to her voting history at the GAB, she voted at her Madison address for the Sept 2010 primary, and then voted at her temp Onalaska address for the general election in Nov 2010. But so long as she had resided at the Onalaska address for at least ten days (since changed to 28 days), she could have legitimately same-day registered in Onalaska and voted, all *completely* legal.

    (Similarly in 2008, voted in Madison in Feb primary and then in Nov in Onalaska; again, so long as she re-registered very step, all legal.)

    (She doesn't appear to have voted at all in 2012 - recall or presidential)

    Once more, switching addresses like this is what college students do quite regularly, and what we want them to be able to do. Unless there's something the WSJ article isn't saying, I don't see the problem here.

    1. Robert- I'm wondering this myself. Was she just idiotically lazy and failed to being evidence she was living in Onalaska? Or is she double-voting or something more nefarious?

      That story leaves more questions than answers

    2. WSJ updated their story to say that her mother 'vouched' for her presence in Onalaska on her registration as her 'proof of residence' (because she was staying at her parents' home? Again, very common with college students' home vs school' registrations)

      (Also, such vouching used to be allowed, but is not longer, due to the parts of the Walker Voter ID law that are in effect.)

      So still not at all sure why either DA thinks what she has done is illegal.