Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCIX

On Wednesday, Scott Walker gave his shit-filled State of The Campaign address.

As he was listing off all of the purported successes of his agenda, there was one he missed, that QuadGraphics was laying off untold numbers of workers (emphasis mine):
Quad/Graphics Inc. has laid off an unspecified number of workers and announced that it would close two plants, according to a representative with the company.

Claire Ho, manager of media relations with Sussex-based Quad/Graphics, said the company will close plants in Marengo, Iowa, and Pomona, Calif. The two closures will result in about 200 employees losing their jobs.

Ho confirmed that there are an unspecified number of job cuts in Wisconsin, but said the number of layoffs in the state are "minimal." She declined further comment.
Pretty convenient that on the day that Walker is to give his campaign, er, State of the Campaign State address, QuadGraphics is playing games on the number of the people they were laying off.

After all, it's not like they were cozy with Walker or anything.  They only let him use their plant for a campaign stunt just days before the recall election in 2012, in which he talked about how QuadGraphics would be so successful because of his policies.  And it's not like there's an 17-minute video of him doing it:

The only thing that surprises me is that it took Quad so long to start failing under Walker's agenda.

H/T Jud Lounsbury for the video


  1. Because it couldn't *POSSIBLY* be that the print industry (particularly magazines, which Quad has a huge part in printing) have been declining in sales and revenue for YEARS... nah, must be Walker's fault.

    1. So you're calling Walker a liar? It's about time people start figuring that out.

  2. No less than 3 years ago, Quad had billboards all over just north of the Milwaukee area stating they were hiring. One couldn't miss these signs, especially along Highway 60.

    Wow, what happened?

    Oh, wait, they are probably not going anywhere, just like MERCURY MARINE.