Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Wisconsin Contrast

By Jeff Simpson

Great Story in the NY Times detailing the differences between our very own Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson

The whole thing is worth a read, but here is a great pull quote:

 “You know, we’re not best buds,” Mr. Johnson said with a grin, characterizing their relationship as very respectful. “I think Tammy’s a nice person.” Then, thinking about it some more, he added a caveat. “I would argue that the folks on the other side of the aisle, their ideology is destroying the country. But other than that, they’re nice folks.”
A great follow up question could have been, please tell me specifically what Democratic ideology was "destroying our country", but the follow up question is long gone.  

That is our "citizen-legislator" though, telling people that the majority of his home state are enemies to America.  

2010 will go down in history as a dark era of American politics, 2016 can not come quick enough!  


  1. "enemies to America" implies there is an intent to harm. "Destroying our country" does not imply intent but simply outcome.
    I think you have added something that Sen. Johnson did not. This makes your statement inaccurate.

    1. Just stop. The (mo)Ron made another clueless comment and slandered hundreds of millons of Americans in the process. Own it.

      I'd also like to hear a follow-up asking how liberals are "destroying the nation." Especially since there aren't many liberals in charge in this country. (and no, Obama is not liberal)

  2. It is a good article, with a couple of laughable assessments thrown in.

    1. It says Johnson created his own business. He did not. He was given it by his billionaire father-in-law.

    2. Only a self-absorbed dolt like Robbin' Vos could say (mo)Ron Johnson "appeals to your head." The only people who find (mo)Ron remotely interesting or smart are similar Dunning-Kruger cases.