Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ghost of Wisconsin Yet To Come

By Jeff Simpson

I have said numberous times that when someone tells you who they are, you should listen!   Recently Rebecca Kleefisch had a secret "tax round table" discussion at Beloit College with local business 'leaders".  

Rebecca, who basically let us know what to expect if she receives a second term, let us have the quote of the year:

"We want to know how we can love you more," Rebecca Kleefisch told the group of about 30 executives, managers, accountants and others during the 1-hour, 40-minute session.

 As the inimitable Charles Pierce points out:  Now Becky is not the brightest bulb in an admittedly dim chandelier, but she has to know better than to sound like someone at her first Bieber show in front of a bunch of CEO's. Nonetheless, she certainly will try to love them back.

The group of republican donors, were not shy.  They let Becky know how she can be a good mistress to them---- Give them free money!!!

 They said the state should do more to attract new businesses and help existing companies, loosen restrictions on tax credits, simplify the tax code, cut commercial property taxes, consider lowering income and property taxes while increasing the sales tax, and issue more business loans that don't need to be paid back in some circumstances.

What speaks more to free market capitalism than big donors getting massive government loans that do not need to be paid back?  

Particularly brazen was Scott "Blinky Mcblinkerson" Bianchini who wants more than just some love from Rebecca:
 ABC's tax director, Scott Bianchini, said the state should stop disclosing how much residents pay in taxes, saying the information is used for "sabotage." Contacted Thursday, he wouldn't say if he was referring to 2012 newspaper reports indicating Hendricks paid no taxes in 2010 because of a change in her company's structure.
When you pay no taxes, its best not to let the plebes know!   Besides if they had to pay taxes, it might curtail their political donations!  With no political donations, then you can not get in on the ground floor of the Governor's strategy: 

The sad thing though, like so many dysfunctional relationships, as much as Rebecca and her friend Scotty LOVE their donors, their donors are not returning the love.     

Then, even more headshaking, was Kory Stoehr, of the McGladrey accounting and consulting company.  He said the problem is we aren't giving helicopter rides to CEO's.  That will make everything better!

Kory Stoehr, of the McGladrey accounting and consulting company, said his clients complain that state auditors disallow research tax credits, and they tell him what other states are doing to recruit new investment.
“(Company executives) are being flown around in helicopters, just luxurious stuff, and they were given millions in tax incentives,” Stoehr said.

Apparently no one told Kory about the unlimited supply of I-tunes gift cards and Wisconsin Badger tickets!  

Now back to the original, here is a picture of Becky and Mr. Bianchini hving an exchange.   He is asking for free money and Mrs. Lieutenant Governor has absolutely NO idea what he is talking about so she spouts some garbledy gook about the problems of WEDC.
Re-elect the Walker/Kleefisch ticket in November and this will be your tax policy.  A greedy corporate exec telling rebecca how much more taxpayer money he wants and a Lieutenant Governor smiling and waving!  
The Ghost Of Wisconsin Yet To Come has visited us in our sleep.....Now it is time to wake up and change the ending! 





  1. I might be wrong but is Becky saying..."I'm from the Government and I'm here to help"? One has to wonder, what Walkers hero Regan would say about that? The silly season is upon us!!

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