Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wisconsin Governor Promoted Walker Campaign With Gov't Email


By Jeff Simpson

The Governor of Wisconsin has been found using his official government e-mail address to promote the Scott Walker for Governor campaign. Walker is a Republican running againstMary Burke,  the Democratic Challenger. The news first emerged Thursday afternoon in my email box.. He is the Governor of Wisconsin, formerly the county executive of Milwaukee. According to the e-mail

We got some great news for all Wisconsinites this week.  The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau announced Thursday the State of Wisconsin’s general fund revenue is projected to be $911.9 million higher than previously anticipated.  This additional projected revenue is a sign Wisconsin’s economy continues to grow and add jobs, and it’s more great news for our hardworking taxpayers.
When we took office in 2011, we pledged to do away with the failed policies of the past and confront the fiscal and economic crisis we faced.  We made tough, but prudent, decisions over the last three years, and now our bold reforms are producing results for the people of Wisconsin.  While it is no doubt there will be people who want to spend the money, I believe it should be returned to the taxpayers.  My administration will work with the Legislature on the best way to move forward with our next tax relief plan. 
The days of billion-dollar deficits and double digit tax increases are over, and we have led ourselves into a new era of financial responsibility and continued investment in Wisconsin’s priorities.  Our state is heading in the right direction, and together, we are moving Wisconsin forward.

(Edit note- Scott Walker is lying)  

The campaign e-mail, which includes "office of the Governor" invites recipients to watch the State of the State address next week on his other campaign website that is paid for by taxpayers " ".

It appears the e-mail targets donors and adoring press, explaining that attendees can, “hear Scott's ideas about the ways we are moving Wisconsin forward.” at the event.

It is unknown just how many donors and adoring press got the e-mail from Lindgren; though it is clear that some recipients who received the political solicitation were outside of the state he leads.

An archived video of the Governor shows that he promised a "floor" of 250,000 jobs which he has fallen woefully short of.

 A career politician and a candidate for both state and local office herself, Walker knew exactly what he was doing when he explained his strategy to his boss:

 Scott Walker should have known that what he was doing was against ethics and campaign laws when he seriously considered adding violence to the peaceful protests in the Capitol.

The State of Wisconsin should understand that the only people who actually "drop bombs" are terrorists who are trying to harm you:

With the help of TWO of the countries top criminal defense firms(and a few hundred thousand dollars), Scott Walker was able to avoid charges in the first John Doe hearing.  Now there is a second John Doe investigation into Walker's perpetual unethical and unlawful behavior.  What happens next to Scott Walker  now appears to rest in the hands of Federal and state Prosecutors.  


  1. And now you know how people would report on Walker if our media wasn't bought. Well done, Jeff.

  2. Nearly all states are seeing surpluses because the US economy is improving. The surplus is more "in spite" of Walker's failed leadership. The excuses never end for these people. It was the US economy when things were bad, but when things look better Walker takes the credit.

  3. Didn't Walker arrange about 500 mil in financing to be paid later? Didn't he take a huge bite out of public education money (and put about half of it back in to look like a hero?). What surplus, Walker?

    1. Correct, Anon 11:45. And there are $1 billion in needs for the Transportation Fund in the next budget that have to be paid for. Maybe we should pay down that $2 billion in extra debt we've accumulated under Walker before we start giving it back to the rich. Whaddya say?

    2. That's not how it works in a bustout scheme.

      They want to maximize both the debt and the payouts to their friends.

      Ben Dover!

    3. Can't Charlie Sykes blame Mary Burke for the state borrowing $2 billion? Isn't that how Republican accountability works?

  4. Oh, come on now!

    How do you expect Walker to do his campaigning?

    Is he supposed to rely on the "grassroot" supporters and the "true believers"?

    He either has to get the Koch brothers to funnel piles of money through their front groups like the Americans for Prosperity, Prosperous Americans for Themselves, whatever they call themselves or he has to use taxpayer dollars.

    Has he scheduled a motorcycle tour yet? You know, the kind of tour that promotes,... well, ... the kind of motorcylce tour that is just a shameless campaign tour to promote Scott Walker at taxpayer expense.

    What else can he do in his campaign? He can't go on his record. Not the truth of his record.

    He is nowhere near the job creation promise. He put policy changes into his budget proposals after he campaigned that he wouldn't. The state budget holds large deficets due to borrowing (just look at Jakes economic TA funhouse for that, most recently in the billion $ supposed surplus).

    Will his "true believers" ever see reality? We are moving down the list in job creation. We lag behind every other state in every way that moves an economy forward.

    They will never see the truth. They will believe the Journal Sentinel endorsement that they gave Walker over Mayor Barrett. Barrett is superior in every conceivable way, but you should vote for Walker.

    And where has that gotten us?

    Another day older and deeper in debt?

  5. Guess what? The has disappeared!! That was the Tea Party website maintained by Kim Simac and I think her son James Maillette as -- I think -- a 501(c)(4) "social welfare" entity. Maillette was recently hired as EVP of Wisconsin Family Action, which received funding from Wisconsin Club for Growth and both organizations may be targets of John Doe II. Interesting because if you looked at the website, there were what appeared to be EXPRESS advocacy for Republican candidates and against Democrat candidates.
    And, now, suddenly, the website is gone.
    But, then, if I remember correctly, Simac "scrubbed" a lot of internet stuff when she was running for office, especially if the internet sites and/or video included her son James Maillette.

  6. What's this?

    1. That's the senior James Maillette. It's JR. who is working with Wisconsin Family Action.

  7. $692 fine - speeding ?

  8. ALEC owns Scott Walker he says proudly in his biography. Walker will never be intimidated by the people. He knows ALEC has always PAID his way since 1992.
    Scott Walker remembers creating jobs as assemblyman in Wisconsin . It was easy with ALEC. 32000 UNION public sector jobs. It is not as easy this time with out using your tax dollars. Scott Walker has created ALL Wisconsin`s budget problems working for ALEC. When Scott Walker was a state representative and the chairman of the Assembly Corrections Committee, he introduced bills that would privatize state prison operations and that would allow private corrections companies to open prisons in Wisconsin to house inmates from other states. This allowed outsourcing our Prisoners in several states.

    In 1995 Walker and Prosser as state assemblymen championed for ALEC with truth in sentencing telling the legislatures it would not cost a dime it was to give judges not parole boards the control over sentencing. Then Walker filibustered to stop sentencing changes after the fact misleading ALL the legislatures. With out the sentencing changes Wisconsin`s prisons quadrupled over night. Most people sentenced to 2 years now had to serve as much as 6o years. As the Wisconsin Budget watch Blog shows . Stopping just a percentage of these long sentences Wisconsin would save 707 million per year. Wisconsin could have free tuition colleges. It shows Wisconsin has wasted 100 billion if you add the numbers to the state budget since 1995. Not including the building new or remodeling of 71 courthouses & 71 county jails & 441 police stations and dozens of prisons 28 billion plus interest. It is 2.5 billion annually out of the state budget just to maintain these Palaces called jails and courthouses. No expense spared. The total is over 28 BILLION plus the 60 Billion spent by social services to support prisoners families because the bread winner was a political prisoner as US Att gen Eric Holder explained. Then farming out prisoners in several states until the courts realized it was not allowed in the Wisconsin constitution. Wisconsin then hired 32000 union public sector workers to fill the jobs housing the prisoners from deputies , judges, district attorneys all owe Walker for creating there jobs. 32000 UNION PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS. This cost taxpayers over 3.8 billion or a half million per day to house these EXTRA prisoners per day in Milwaukee county alone. Wisconsin claims it has 24,000 prisoners compared to Minnesota`s 5500. Wisconsin`s corrections population is 104,000 with many in half way house and county jails and county prisons that are not counted. . In 1995 Milwakee county had less than 200 prisoners now it has thousands. When Prosecutors Mishandle Cases, Everyone Pays…Except For Them
    Is Scott Walker moving Wisconsin forward ?
    This your reason for budget problems in Wisconsin. Big spender big government Scott Walker. Why does he not work for the people he is taking his check from the people ? Walker has ALEC on his Biography and is proud of this scam. ALEC has no place in any democracy. Ronald Reagan said where collective bargaing and UNIONS are not allowed Democracy and freedom is lost. Unions created the great American miracle so everyone could prosper. Reagan calls Walker a communist . In walker`s America we have slave labor like in Fred Koch`s RUSSIA. Could or would an Amercan consider any type of voter suppression ? Could or would an American end liberty and justice for all for personal gain ? Could or would an American not take care of it`s own people ?

  9. Walkers is KKK/KGB/NRA/Flea bagger/GOP/ALEC and Nazi who are all the same group now supported by david koch`s tea Party .
    This ends all rumor that Scott walker even considers the constitution or liberty and justice for all. these Are Koch`s / ALEC ideals from fred Koch in Russia where he made his first millions. This would end or slow down many of the states criminal regimes called justice systems in Wisconsin . ALEC and Scott Walker have ruined generations of our youth for personal and agency gain. This has allowed ALEC corporations and Scott Walker to scam BILLIONS off the Wisconsin taxpayer.
    Scott Walker will Pray in church or sunday and pray on the people all week long.
    Scott Walker Not educating children is child abuse. Websters Dictionary says to change what is norm for persnal, political, or religous reasons is an act of perversion. This is walkers agenda to pervert America to koch`s russian Communism. PRISON SLAVE LABOR just like Fred Koch used in Russia. walker is allowing Koch to win the COLD WAR for his Russia.
    This is Paul Ryan when he was still supporting America.