Monday, January 27, 2014

Rand Paul Loves Women Like No One Else

By Jeff Simpson

Extreme right winger Rand Paul is the leading candidate for some to be the Republican nominee for president in 2016!  Yesterday he took his presidential ambitions to Meet The Press and used his time to tell us how much he loves women:

“We have a lot of debates in Washington that get dumbed down and are used for political purposes,” Paul told NBC’s David Gregory. “This whole sort of war on women thing, I’m scratching my head because, if there was a war on women, I think they won.”
As evidence, the Kentucky senator pointed out that none of the women in his family were complaining about inequality or having their health care rights curtailed by Republicans.
“You know, I don’t see so much that women are downtrodden, I see women rising up and doing great things,” he remarked. “In fact, I worry about our young men sometimes because I think the women really are out-competing the men in our world.”
Paul added that he tried to never talk about the female anatomy and that Republicans did not start the war on women “debate.”
“The facts show that women are doing very well, have come a long way,” he explained. “And I have a lot of successful women in my family. And I don’t here them saying, ‘Oh, woe is me, this terrible misogynist world.’ They look out and they’re conquering the world.”
Apparently if the women in the Rand Paul world are ok then the war on women is over - they won!  I guess Uncle Sugar really knew what side to pick!  However, as is so often the case with our friends on the right, reality does not match up to their rhetoric!

Women make up less than half of enrollees at law schools, according to the American Bar Association, and are way underrepresented on the federal bench. The percentage of women in medical school is also less than 50%. 
Then Rand, added selective memory to his blatant disregard of facts!

Paul later suggested that for President Bill Clinton was responsible for the “war on women” because he had an affair with an intern while he was in office during the 1990s.
“The media seems to have given President Clinton a pass on this,” Paul insisted. “There is no excuse for that, that is predatory behavior and it shouldn’t be something — we should’t want to associate with people who would take advantage of a young girl in his office.”
The potential Republican 2016 presidential candidate said that it was difficult to unlink Bill Clinton’s behavior from potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
“I think in my state, people tend to frown upon that,” he declared. “If there were someone in my community who did that in my community, they would be socially — we would disassociate from somebody who would take advantage of a young woman in a workplace.”

The problem with Mr. Paul is that when he was running for office, he never let anything like a woman get in his way.,n the way of his ambitions in the way.

More on the war on women and how wrong Rand Paul is here!

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