Monday, January 13, 2014

Thank You Lord

By Jeff Simpson

While Capper continues to cover the Walker corruption and the never ending John Doe probes, I wanted to focus on something else that was passed over! 

Club For Growth head RJ Johnson was on facebook thanking the Lord over apparently using a procedural mistake to be clear of part of John Doe 2!

To those who know the hell we have gone through over the last three months -- we have been completely and utterly vindicated. Thank you Lord!

Yes RJ Johnson and Club for Growth should be Thanking our Lord.  However, I want RJ to thank Jesus(I am assuming that is who RJ is thanking)for his many Blessing in life.   Let me help! 

1. RJ should "Thank the Lord" that despite rules against it(and of course the unethical nature of it) he is able to run a far right shadow propaganda machine AND work on the Scott Walker campaign.  

Congregation - Thank You Lord

2.  Thank you Lord for allowing RJ to have $9.1 MILLION dollars in shadow money and the laws that allow him to form a shadow group to spend lying about the Governor and the recall on our public teleivision airwaves!  

C:  Thank You Lord! 

3.  Thank you Lord for allowing RJ Johnson to know about ACT10 before anyone else in Wisconsin, including democratically elected Democratic politicians, so he could spend millions running ads demonizing state workers! 

C:  Thank You Lord! 

4.  Thank you Lord for laws that allow people to give millions of dollars to RJ to help sway elections and buy politicians and we never know where the money comes from.  It's not up to people to question the Government or who is buying our politicians, all we need to know is that your child's teacher is a leech on society!

C:  Thank You Lord

5.   Thank you Lord for allowing RJ Johnson and his group Club For Growth to have enough money to give Julainne Appling, Wisconsin Family Action(very misnamed) 90% of their budget money to continue the good fight of hating gays!   

C:  Thank You Lord!

6.  Thank you Lord for allowing RJ Johnson to help get a law written by your disciple Scott Suder that would give over $500,000 to his old staff members just for being good soldiers!  

 C;  Thank You Lord!

7.   Thank you Lord for allowing RJ Johnson and his extremist at Club For Growth to have enough extra money left over to give formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen tens of thousands of dollars to help destroy our children's public education!

C:  Thank You Lord! 

Thank you Lord for allowing RJ Johnson to be free of this investigation and continue on Your Work of demonizing public workers, cutting food stamps, stopping unemployment compensation, shutting down the Government, and keeping Americans from receiving Health Care. 

Pontius Pilate is proud of you! 


  1. Julaine Appling at Wisconsin Family Action -- you know, the people who hate gays? -- hired James Maillette, Tea Party Kim Simac's son as her EVP. Given that Maillette is Catholic and that Pope Francis said "Who am I to judge (gays)?" you'd think that the hate spewed by WFA and a Catholic EVP ought to come to the attention of Pope Francis. Someone should send Pope Francis a letter telling him of his errant member.
    And btw, is any money given to Wisconsin Family Action by Wisconsin Club for Growth being used to maintain Maillette's Tea Party momma's website at

  2. Don't fall for Bice's right-wing fed propaganda. Just because RJ Johnson might not have to answer questions doesn't mean that prosecutors don't have the goods on the obvious coordination.

    And today's story on United Sportsmen showing that they only spent funds on election activities (a clear violation of tax exemption law) shows that there are plenty of connections to draw from.

    The righties and the J-S are trying a misdirection play to make it look like they're in the clear. Don't fall for it

  3. So where's the ruling that the Wall Street Journal supposedly has? Unsourced, undocumented, and on the opinion page.