Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bradley Foundation Boss Calls Walker's Campaign "Grassroots"

Among the dozen press releases that Scott Walker's campaign sent out on Friday in an effort to control the damage done in Thursday night's debate, the biggest doozy of them all is the one that was issued by Walker's campaign manager, Michael Grebe.

After pretending that Walker hasn't been dropping in the polls since he first announced, Grebe, who just so happens to also be the President and CEO of the right wing, dark money group, the Bradley Foundation, spews this spit-take inducing line:
Our goal by August was to introduce Governor Walker and his big, bold reforms to America and show the country it isn't too late to turn things around. Scott Walker didn't win three elections in four years with luck. He did it by unapologetically making the case for his brand of bold and successful conservative reforms one voter at a time and out-working everyone.

This campaign is no exception. We are running a retail-style grassroots campaign unlike any other 2016 hopeful, and voters are responding. Our three-week campaign rollout, which kicked off July 13 in Waukesha, WI, was among the most aggressive of any 2016 candidate.

In the first week alone, we visited 16 cities in six states and traveled nearly 900 miles across Iowa on the campaign's Winnebago. We've pledged to complete the "Full Grassley" in the Hawkeye state and have already visited 16 of the 99 counties. We'll be campaigning in all 10 New Hampshire counties on a Harley and have impressive organizations we're building in South Carolina, Nevada and the rest of the early contest states.


The task at hand for us is building on this groundswell of grassroots and grasstops support, and we will do so with a simple strategy: We are going to outwork every other campaign and candidate in the race.
Meh, Grassroots, astroturf, what's the difference when you're filthy rich.

Grebe then goes on to brag about all of the Republicans that are signing up to Walker's campaign. But one does have to question whether they are signing on because they genuinely like Walker and his failed agenda or if they are doing it because they really like all of the dark money that Grebe and the Bradley Foundation are known to throw around to their lackeys.

The laughable part - especially when one considers Walker's horribly weak and timid performance at the debate - comes with this:
On the stump and in the spotlight, Gov. Walker has earned a reputation for being unflappable, always focused on what's important in order to get the job done. Not surprisingly, our campaign has a similar approach. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and while many in the chattering class obsess over the news of the day, we will keep our eye on the ball and concentrate on the fundamentals that win campaigns. This primary will be fought and won one precinct, ward, county and state at a time, and next year the country and the Republican Party will be better off for it.
In other words, ignore the news you hear about Walker and let us go about buying this election. We 1%ers will be much better off if you voters would just stop thinking and do what we tell you.

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