Saturday, August 22, 2015

Walker Again Waffles On Immigration

As the gentle reader knows, Scott Walker has changed campaign strategies in an effort to stop the downward spiral he is in. To do so, he decided that he would try to steal voters away from Donald Trump by being a mini-Trump. Everything Trump says, Walker agrees with. The only difference is while Trump as the Hell Toupee, Walker needs a toupee.

One of the things Walker echoed Trump on was the idea to do away with the constitutional amendment allowing birthright citizenship. Walker said that we needed to stop following this amendment in order to follow the law.

Yeah, it doesn't make any more sense to me either.

Anyway, true to his real nature, Walker has again started to waffle on his position, saying he didn't really mean what he said and blamed this gaffe on being tired:
But Walker sidestepped when asked where he stood now. “In both of these instances, what I’ve said and I pointed it out, I did a three-and-a-half hour gaggle, so there was bits and pieces of people interrupting, while we were taking questions along the way,” the GOP presidential candidate said.

In general, when it comes to a policy position on immigration, Walker just hasn’t figured out where he lands. As county executive in Milwaukee County between 2002 and 2006, he twice signed resolutions backing programs that would have granted legal status to undocumented immigrants. He told the Wausau Daily Herald editorial board in 2013 that “it makes sense” for some immigrants to get on a pathway to citizenship “with the right penalties and waiting periods and meet the requirements.” Some donors say that he privately told them that he supported a pathway to citizenship, though his spokesperson has consistently denied that.
Now, given the fact that the only consistency with Walker's immigration stance is his inconsistency, and seeing how he is going to need a lot of money to stay in the race - not to mention his own personal financial problems - Walker might want to see if he can pick up a sponsor to help him as he goes traveling the country:

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  1. It's fun to watch scooter self-destruct on the national stage. Best one was he would get rid of the Dept of Education and then named a guy to run the same agency. It didn't take him long to tell walker to get lost. After the second debate scotty is history. Then he will be facing all his buddies that he has been throwing under the bus.