Friday, August 7, 2015

Walker Loses Fox Focus Group After Weak Debate Appearance

After the first GOP debate and three ring circus, Frank Lutz of Faux Newz talked to a focus group watching the debate:

Walker did not do very well with the group, outside of the first guy who somehow that Walker was clear on his domestic and foreign policy. Maybe it's because the man knows how to speak gibberish.

But after that, things got good (for us, not for Walker).

A woman named Erika took Walker to task on illegal immigration, calling him out on a lie about when he changed his mind regarding his position on the subject.

Erika is absolutely correct. Walker did his flip flop on immigration in March. It's not clear if Walker even knows what his position is on the subject anymore.

Then a man named Anthony called Walker's performance weak and said that he has switched his support to Huckabee. (Really?!)

While this sample is obviously very, very small, it does give one pause to hope that Walker's campaign will be short lived.

I mean, if even people who daily slurp up the swill served by Faux Newz is catching on to Walker's lies and that he is nothing more than an empty suit, serving only as a puppet for the Kochs, then intelligent people will be seeing through it as well, only faster.

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  1. The Good News is Walker could lose the nomination ! The Bad News is we get him back in Wisconsin, with nothing else to do but work at driving us further into the ground.