Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fox Stacked The Deck For Walker In Debate, Walker Still Lost

Yes, yes, I know that the first GOP debate was days ago and is old news, but this was just too important not to share, IMHO.

Fox News had apparently stacked the deck to favor Scott Walker in the debate.

In May, Fox announced the debate and the requirements for the candidates to participate in them. Included in those requirements was that the candidates had to "file all necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC)."

Most of the candidates complied with these requirements. Scott Walker did not. He didn't file his FEC paperwork until the day before the debate.

Yet, despite Walker not complying with their own rules, Faux Newz gave Walker the third seat at the debate. Other candidates who followed the rules were demoted to the little kids debate table.

Pretty sketchy, right? Ah, but as with all things Walker. There's more. There's always more.

After the debate, Faux Newz had their squawking heads discuss the debate. One of the consultants, Marck Thiessen, couldn't praise Walker enough that night or the day after:
Thiessen also heavily praised Walker during an August 7 appearance on America's Newsroom, claiming that "the obvious winners are Bush and Walker because they were in the lead so they didn't need to hit home runs, and they both put in strong performances, especially Walker, I think, had a great moment when he took on -- jumped in and took on Hillary Clinton, which, I think, there was not enough of that in the debate last night."
However, as Media Matters reports, Faux Newz failed to mention that Thiessen was the ghost writer for Walker's "autobiography." Likewise, they didn't report that Thiessen is also an adviser to Walker's campaign:
The Washington Post, where Thiessen works as a columnist, reported on March 6 that "Walker is also seeking counsel from several hawks from George W. Bush's administration -- including Abrams, Bush's deputy national security adviser, and Marc A. Thiessen, a Post columnist and former Bush speechwriter known for his staunch defense of waterboarding and other interrogation tactics barred by President Obama. Walker selected Thiessen to co-write his 2013 book, 'Unintimidated,' and the two men became confidants during hours of Skype conversations each weekend."

Politico reported in February that Walker "said he sat down for three-and-a-half hours of foreign policy meetings" including with Thiessen.

New York Daily News Washington Bureau reporter Cameron Joseph criticized Fox News on Twitter, writing: "Curious how Marc Thiessen can be on Fox right now analyzing the debate. He co-wrote Scott Walker's book, and they don't even ID him as such."
Yet despite all the help that Faux Newz gave to Walker, he still was the biggest loser of the debate.

I'll give Walker one thing. He always find new and unique ways to be an embarrassment.


  1. No, not a "new and unique way" at all; this is Walker emulating his idol Ronald Reagan -- who was discreetly coached by George Will for his debates with Jimmy Carter (using a briefing book stolen from the Carter campaign), and then got glowing debate reviews from the very same George Will, who did not disclose his coaching.

    Republicans repeat successful stratagems... so what odds that the Walker campaign is even now negotiating a secret arms deal with Iran in order to shoot down their deal with Obama?

  2. Walker has already won the only primary that matters. That was the Koch brother primary. That should not have been a shock to anyone since the a Koch brothers had already stated that they wanted Walker as their presidential candidate with Rubio as the VP candidate. All the rest of this show is just a pageant put on for the amusement of the bug money donors and to stir up the voters.

    And as for Donald Trump. He is not the republican nightmare in this whole pageant. He is their dream come true. Trump will rant on and on and offend as many people as possible and stir up the republican base. The rantings and offensive language of Donald Trump will make the rest of the GOP pack look sane, reasonable, credible, decient, caring and compasionate by comparison.

  3. "The rantings and offensive language of Donald Trump will make the rest of the GOP pack look..." [add: non-misogynistic] "... by comparison."