Friday, August 21, 2015

Scott Walker: Black Lives Don't Matter

By Jeff Simpson

H/T Mal Contends:

Elections 2016 Scott Walker: I don’t have time for Black Lives Matter — let’s talk about ‘things that matter’
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on March 1, 2015. (Fox News) Campaigning in New Hampshire, where he finds himself tied in the polls with also-rans Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) labeled questions as to whether he would meet with Black Lives Matter activists as “ridiculous,” reports the Daily Mail. With his campaign also floundering in neighboring Iowa, where he once polled in the double figures,
Walker has become more aggressive as of late, echoing many of the same talking points that have boosted blustery businessman Donald Trump to the lead for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. Asked at a ‘Politics and Eggs’ breakfast forum in Manchester on Friday if he would take some time to sit down with the African-American activists, Walker called the question “ridiculous.” “I’m going to meet with voters. I mean, I’ve said, it’s not just – who knows who that is?” the flustered Walker replied before comparing the grassroots civil rights organization to the Tea Party. “I’m going to talk with American voters. Period. It’s the same way as saying you’re going to meet with the Tea Party,” he continued. “Who’s the Tea Party? There’s hundreds of thousands of people out there.” “I’m here to talk to voters in New Hampshire about things that matter,” Walker told the Daily Mail reporter.
If you want to meet with Scott Walker, you have a better chance if you advocate to bring back slavery, than if you are a minority.


  1. Check this out.

    The guy really is a moran.

  2. I truly hope (hater that I am) Walker stays in the race as long as possible. I take absolute delight watching this smug, arrogant and condescending bastard squirm.

  3. He topped that by saying that reasonable Muslims number a "handful."

  4. In April 2012 Walker promised $100 million in economic development for Milwaukees poorest areas.

    Whatever happened to that?

    1. I think they handed out about $400K, if that. I wish I was exaggerating. But hey, it got a nice headline before the recall election...kinda like those "job expansion announcements" at Walker donors that never added jobs.

  5. Walker''s comments are even worse when you think about it more, because he's implying that people in BLM are NOT FULL VOTING CITIZENS OF AMERICA, and are somehow a lesser form of American.

    That's some seriously sick stuff, when you're running for president and saying that some people are lesser. A real media should ask what he means by that

  6. “It’s the same way as saying you’re going to meet with the Tea Party,” [Walker] continued. “Who’s the Tea Party?”

    Has he forgotten already???

    "When people ask me, 'How do you appeal to Tea Party folks?' I say: I was the original Tea Party in Wisconsin," Walker said.

  7. This is too precious. Now Governor Nitwit admits there are a handful of good, reasonable Muslims. How generous.