Friday, August 21, 2015

Walker Uses Fellow Republicans For Traction For Mired Campaign Bus

One could just smell the flopsweat pouring off of Scott Walker last week when polls showed that he had dropped to a distant third place in the polls in Iowa, a must win state for him.

But if Walker thought last week was bad, he must have assumed a fetal position by the end of the day Thursday.

The Quinnipiac University polls for Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio came out Thursday morning. Walker scored in at 5%, 4% and 2% respectfully.

Even worse for Walker, he also was topped by Deez Nuts in North Carolina.

On Thursday, Marquette University Law School also came out with their new poll, the first one in three months. To say that it was bad news for Walker would be an understatement:
Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Scott Walker has lost significant home-state support for his White House bid, and he continues to face dissatisfaction among Wisconsin voters with his job approval rating falling below 40 percent for the first time in a new Marquette Law School Poll released Thursday.

The poll found 39 percent of registered voters approve of Walker’s job performance, two points lower than a similar survey in April and the lowest of all Marquette polls since January 2012.

“That’s notably underwater,” said poll director Charles Franklin.

Among a field of 17 Republican contenders, Walker received support from 25 percent of self-identified Republicans or independents who lean to the GOP. That’s dramatically below the 40 percent backing he had in April before formally entering the race.


In a head-to-head matchup, [Hillary] Clinton has a 52-42 lead over Walker. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush fared the best in Wisconsin against Clinton, who still held a 47-42 edge.

Only 37 percent said Walker is “someone who cares about people like me,” while six in 10 respondents said Walker is “someone who is able to get things done.” A third of respondents said they like Walker’s decision to run for president.

So with his campaign bus mired in the mud of his own incompetence, ineptitude, flip-floppery and idiocy, what is Walker to do?

Simple, what Walker always does when he is in trouble. He throws his Republican friends and allies under the wheels of the bus in the hopes of gaining some - any - traction:
One new wrinkle is how Walker recounts the story of his battle with public employee unions. In an effort to tout his anti-establishment credentials, he now stresses the resistance he met not just from Democrats but also from members of his own party in Wisconsin.

"A lot of people don't know this," Walker told about 200 people at a town hall meeting here. "The establishment in my own party really wasn't that eager to reform things either," he said of Republicans that took control of both legislative chambers after the same 2010 election that put Walker in office.

"You see, they kind of liked the title, they liked the position, they like the bigger office in the Legislature," he said. "They didn't want to rattle things up too much. They didn't want to shake the boat. We didn't give them an option; we said, 'That's what you've got to do.'"

Walker said, "I told them it's put up or shut up time," suggesting he'd do the same with congressional Republicans in Washington.
The gentle reader should note that Walker gave away something in that spiel, which is just what kind of "leader" he really is.

He can't convince people that his ideas are good ones (which they aren't) and he can't negotiate with them to try to make his ideas more palatable, even to rabid Republicans. The only thing Walker knows how to do is dictate to them. All he knows how to do is bully and threaten. And if they don't go along, he will retaliate against them.

How well does anyone think that would work with Congress, much less with leaders of foreign countries?


  1. Spot on. If a Republican legislator refuses to toe the Walker line .....Walker will end that legislator's career by funding a candidate to oppose him. Vindictiveness is how Walker operates all the while proclaiming that God directs his actions. Walker's God cannot be the Jesus portrayed in the Bible!

  2. He claims to worship God. All evidence points to the contrary. Draw your own conclusions. He is one of many great deceivers in history.

  3. Put another way: When Gerald Ford talked about his quiet faith in Jesus, I never doubted him for a minute.

  4. The time is near when the Blaskas of the world will seriously consider leaving the Walker cult. Capper will gladly help with reprogramming.

  5. Walker is going nowhere nationally. He's losing republican support at home, from 40% to 25% of Repubs that would vote for him in WI. When the blacks turn up in a presidential year, 1.3 mil republican votes doesn't look so effing hot. This guy will be out of WI politics in 15 months, WI really needs to recall him again this November and have the election with the general election. Minorities will turn out in droves. Barrett would beat him, Burke would most likely slaughter him. Ideally we run a much stronger candidate than either of those 2. Lets take advantage of that 20 point disapproval gap! Bounce this joker to the curb!!!

  6. Remember the similar George Walker Bush / Dick Cheney vindictiveness, e.g. retaliating against former Ambassador Joe Wilson's exposure of the yellowcake uranium fraud by blowing the CIA cover of his wife Valerie Plame, even though that cost the lives of American agents overseas who'd had contacts with her. It may be that Bush/Cheney also got some supporting votes in Congress through fear.

    The Elephant remembers and resents. Only one Senator (Russ Feingold) had the courage to vote against the much-misnamed "Patriot" Act, and in 2010 he got replaced by the deplorable Ron Johnson whose very platform included sending jobs to China -- let us hope to reverse that next year.