Monday, August 17, 2015

Mark Borkowski's Campaign Keeps Getting Sleazier

On Sunday, I wrote about the questionable mailers from Mark Borkowski, in which he used the images of private citizens without their images and exploited the grieving widow and mother of the late Alderman Joe Dudzik.

Now it has come to my attention that Borkowski's campaign is even sleazier than his mailers.

At a recent fundraiser, Borkowski was lauded by Chris Kliesmet and Orville Seymer, the two goons who make up the highly misnamed Citizens for Responsible Government  (CRG).  Yeah, these are the same two guys who have explored the depths of depravity.

Ironically, these two who made their names infamous with the recall of the late Tom Ament and numerous county supervisors for the pension scandal were touting a man who had voted for the same pension scandal that they supposedly hated.

Adding to the irony is the fact that as they tout Borkowski's fiscal conservatism, Borkowski will be collecting that enriched pension he voted for as he also gets paid $73,000 from city taxpayers.  That's a move called double-dipping, which Republicans like Borkowski denounce - unless it's them doing the dipping.

If that wasn't enough to turn off voters, sources report Borkowski also reportedly has Darlene Wink aiding his campaign.

Yes, that Darlene Wink.  The woman who was arrested, charged and convicted of doing campaign work for Scott Walker on government time and on a government computer.

Given Borkowski's choices in campaign tactics and in friends, he is definitely not someone I would want representing me on any level of government.

I encourage my fellow residents of Milwaukee Aldermanic 11th District to join me on Tuesday to vote for Tim Carpenter for alderman.

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