Sunday, August 2, 2015

Walker Loses Lead In Iowa

The shine is coming off of Walker's bald spot in Iowa:
For the first time in more than three months, Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) is trailing in a poll of likely Republican Iowa caucus voters.

Donald Trump has surged into the lead in a new Gravis Marketing poll with support from 31 percent of those surveyed. Walker is a distant second at 15 percent, with Jeb Bush in third place at 10 percent.

Governor Walker has spent more time campaigning in Iowa than any other state since January and has been in the in the lead there in every poll since mid-April.

In the last poll Gravis conducted in Iowa May 28-29, Gov. Walker was at 17 percent, leading the rest of the GOP field by 4 points. But in that poll, Trump was polling at zero percent.
Keep in mind that Walker has a lot of advantages in Iowa. He spent some of his childhood there, he is governor of a neighboring states and as the article points out, he's spent a helluva lot of time there.  And he had a double digit lead over everyone earlier in the year.

But in Iowa, they know a thing or two about swine, and they aren't about to buy a pig in a poke - or one that belongs in the pokey.

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