Sunday, August 30, 2015

Christian Schneider and the Politics of Rape

By Jeff Simpson 

Bradley funded. Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider is out with a piece trying to tear down Russ Feingold for accepting out of state money:

Instead, Feingold is simply following the old campaign trick of a candidate trying to show strength in an area that represents his greatest weakness. In the past few months, reports have shown that Feingold has been living a double life that would make Josh Duggar cringe; despite decades of railing against money in politics, Feingold himself commanded a political action committee that has raked in millions from special interest groups.

While Feingold has been accepting out of state money from the likes of JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg, after all RoJo did refuse to agree to the "Badger Pledge". Josh Duggar was busy doing other things - molesting his little sisters and his babysitter. 

The parents confirmed publicly for the first time that their firstborn son — who had previously apologized for unspecified “wrongdoing” as a teenager — had molested multiple young girls.
The Duggars, whose family stars in TLC’s popular reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” spoke about the multiple incidents of molestation that occurred in their Arkansas home. According to Jim Bob and Michelle, the victims included four of their daughters, along with a family babysitter.
To be PERFECTLY clear:  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is endorsing the fact that one of its full time columnists has said Russ Feingold raising out of state money for his US Senate run is WORSE than molesting multiple young girls.

After David Haynes just wrote this column asking if Donald Trump has no shamesense of decency, he allows Christian Schneider to tell us that the secret life of Senator Feingold is worse than a child molestors.    

And yet the first reality television candidate has been able to turn the campaign into just another episode of "The Apprentice." He has cheapened a debate that already was bargain basement. In that distorted sense, his candidacy matters more than it should.
Is there a Joseph Welch to crystallize the moment? In an age when everyone has 140 characters to attack your character would it even matter? Am I old-fashioned for thinking that shame and decency have a place?
@realDonald Trump Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency? #trumped #jokecandidate #forshameNot quite the same, is it?
Let Mr. Haynes know, that this kind of partisan rhetoric os not ok.  That we put molesting young girls above politics and this is not ok.  If someone from the left had written this about Ron Johnson the oiutrage would be tremendous.  There is no room for this in our public debate of ideas.  

Here is Mr. Haynes contact information.   It is unfortunate Senator Feingold can not sue him for Slander.

David Haynes contact information - David D. Haynes: Editorial page editor
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