Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Martha De La Rosa Announces Challenge To Deanna Alexander

This came out earlier today:
Martha De La Rosa is proud to announce her candidacy for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors District 18.

"As a community advocate who fights every day on behalf of working women and their families, I know we can do better to improve the quality of life for all residents in Milwaukee County," said De La Rosa.

Currently, Martha works as the Wisconsin Director with 9to5, one of the largest, most respected national membership organizations of working women in the U.S., dedicated to putting working women’s issues on the public agenda.

Martha De La Rosa is a long-time resident of Milwaukee’s northwest side and a proud mother of two sons, Sean and Seth. She earned her degree in Management from Cardinal Stritch University and has an extensive background in serving the community. Martha is task force member of VISION 2050, a major planning effort that aims to update, reevaluate, and extend the regional land use and transportation plans in Milwaukee County and she was recently appointed to the City of Milwaukee Ethics Board.

"Over the next few months, I look forward to continuing my conversations with District 18 residents about my plans for protecting our parks, prioritizing public safety, and promoting public transit, said De La Rosa. I am proud to have an opportunity to serve the district and will bring a strong voice to build a consensus for the County Board at a time of great change.”

Milwaukee County District 18 includes parts of the far Northwest side of Milwaukee, such as: Timmerman Airport, Granville Station, Millwood Park and Grantosa Heights.

“To my neighbors in the 18th district, I'd be honored to have your support and vote next spring”, said De La Rosa. The General election for Milwaukee County Supervisor is April 5, 2016.
It does the heart good to see people willing to stand up and take on the Abele machine of corruption.

You can help De La Rosa by donating here.

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