Sunday, August 2, 2015

Former Walker Aide Gets Slammed In Her Own Lawsuit

Leading into the week of the first GOP presidential debate, Scott Walker had a visit from an old friend he hoped to never see again - John Doe.

At the beginning of July, Walker's long time aide and right hand woman, Cindy Archer, filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Milwaukee County District Attorney, claiming her rights were being violated by being investigated for the illegal politicking she took part of during Walker's stint as Milwaukee County Executive.

Archer claimed in her lawsuit that she was the victim of District Attorney John Chisholm's alleged vendetta against Walker for his passage of Act 10, which stripped public sector workers of their rights and pay. She also claimed that the investigation had cost her a high level job in the Walker administration.

The lawsuit and Archer's claims are ridiculous. For one thing, the lawsuit started long before Walker was even elected much less dropped is fiscal bomb on the state. Secondly, the emails released from the investigation showed that Archer's hands were as dirty as anyone's. The most notable one is where she welcomed fellow Walker aide, Kelly Rindfleisch, to the secret email system and to Walker's "inner circle."

On Friday, the investigators from the DA's office filed their response to the lawsuit, much to Archer's and Walker's chagrin.

In their response, they point out that Archer was indeed under criminal investigation for illegal politicking and for trying to arrange a sweetheart deal where the county would rent some property being represented by John Hiller, Walker's then campaign treasurer. That pretty much wipes out Archer's claims of innocence. Just because she wasn't charged doesn't mean she didn't do it.

Archer's claims that the investigation caused her to lose her job might have a twisted sense of merit to it. Her being a target of the investigation probably didn't cost her high level position, per se. It was more likely that it was that she was trying to strike a deal with the DA's office to rat Walker and her fellow henchmen out.

Walker is probably starting to drink Pepto Bismal by the gallon by now. Not only is he down in the polls, but to have people reminded of his corruption leading into the first GOP presidential debate will make him ripe as a target.

On top of all that, as well know, when it comes to all things Walker, there's more. There's always more.


  1. This might be the break we have finally been looking for as Walker and his 4 Justices have stalemated every attempt to get at the truth associated with both John Does. Archer by filing this law suit opened the door for the Doe investigators to present evidence that here to for has been kept secret as to why the John Doe was begun. If this can get into federal court as a civil rights violation case we might be privy to all kinds of Doe secrets that do not put Walker into a favorable light. Couple this with a hoped for successful appeal to the U S Supreme Court of the 4 Justices refusal to recuse themselves and their ruling Illegal coordination between Walker and the WCFG didn't occur when in point of Fact the USSC RULED IN CITIZENS UNITED THAT BY DEFININTION "INDEPENDENT groups can spend unlimited amounts of money BUT the USSC stressed that such groups couldn't coordinate with their favored candidate. They ruled that an "independent expenditure" is political speech that is presented to the electorate THAT IS NOT COORDINATED WITH A CANDIDATE! Perhaps Archer with or without Walker's blessing let a political vendetta get the best of them. It is amazing that Archer at one point offered to make a deal. No one makes a deal unless they've got something of value to offer.

    1. Prep, Interesting and Odd at the same time. After reading the Proffer letter, Does Archer Understand the Implications involved as noted in the letter that she signed?
      Or and this is a REAL Longshot, , Is this a roundabout way on Archers part to do exactly what you have stated, Along with her (The Longshot) turning States witness?

    2. catch- All John Doe documents were ordered to be destroyed.

  2. Archer signing the Proffer letter is Odd, Then turning around and suing?? The letter is here!

  3. So, they destroyed the evidence from the John Does? Theyll be generating more evidence for another John Doe right now.

  4. Has the evidence already been destroyed? Or can and will the prosecutors appeal the decision federally, based on the Wisconsin Justices not recusing themselves? Clearly they should.