Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Heck Of A Job Brownie!

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by Jeff Simpson

Reed Hall, head of the taxpayer money pit and walker donor effort, WEDC is retiring.

In a statement, Walker praised Hall and said he would work with the WEDC board to appoint a successor.
"Reed has overseen a transformational period at WEDC with a steady hand. Under Reed's guidance, WEDC strengthened its accountability and transparency to taxpayers, improving the public trust, while moving forward the important work of developing economic opportunity for families all around our state," Walker said.

Yes Mr.Hall, has steadily overseen millions and millions of our tax dollars, disappear into the bank accounts of Walker donors.     I wonder which unqualified donor or donor's kid, Scott Walker will appoint next?  Is Cynthia Archer available?

The Big question is will the taxpayers of WI buy him a Maserati to drive off into the sunset?

Mr. Hall should be investigated, not congratulated!  

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