Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Walker Boldly Throws Scripted Temper Tantrum, Brags About It

Scott Walker has been falling further behind in the polls each time a new one comes out. In Iowa, a must win state for him, Walker has dropped to a distant third place.

In order to try to stop his nosedive into political obscurity, Walker decided to come out acting even tougher. First, he once again broke his campaign promise about not attacking other Republicans by attacking all of the Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Then he threw a scripted temper tantrum to show the people just how intimidated his is by screeching at one of the ever-present protesters:
“I am not intimidated by you, sir,” Walker said, pointing at Matthew Desmond, a 29-year-old Chicago activist with the left-wing political website Addicting Info, “or anyone else out there.

“I will fight for the American people over and over and over and over and over again. You want someone who’s tested? I’m right here. You can see it! This is what happened in Wisconsin. We will not back down. We will do what is necessary to defend the American people going forward.”
You know it was scripted because in almost no time, Walker's campaign came out with a press release and a YouTube video, albeit a tightly edited one.

That'll show those ISIS terrorists!

Keep in mind that Walker was on a stage, surrounded by armed law enforcement officers. He was being nothing more than the snot-nosed little brat that throws taunts while hiding behind his big brother for protection.

But let's get real here for a minute.

Despite all of Walker's false macho rhetoric, he did not ever take any one on. And I'm not just referring to the fact that he actually ran away from the protesters in 2011 or that he made crap up to make him look tougher than he really is.

For the past five years, Walker has had a corporate controlled legislature that rubber stamped anything Walker wanted. He also had the backing of all the dark money groups, ranging from the Koch Broz operations to the Bradley Foundation. He also had a corporatized state supreme court that just OKed anything Walker did with no regard to the law or the constitution.

Walker had complete control of the state - or at least as much as his dark money overlords would allow him.

It was the people - the hard working people - of Wisconsin that took Walker on. It was the teachers. It was the librarians. It was the nurses. It was the social workers. It was the factory workers. It was the ironworkers. It was the steelworkers. It was the garbage men. It was the farmers. It was the firefighters. It was the mothers and fathers. It was the college students.

Hell, a lot of the people at the protests were not even union members. They were just people that knew right from wrong.

And as the above video shows, now it's not just people from Wisconsin, but from across the entire nation that is taking Walker on.

And the fact that the people are still taking it to him shows that he hasn't won anything.

Walker isn't a hero for the working people of Wisconsin or for America. He is nothing more than a petty tyrant who can only "lead" by acting like a cowardly bully.

What kind of leader can Walker possibly be if the only people that are following him are the ones carrying protest signs?


  1. This is definitely all Scotty has- feeding off of division and hate towards "others." And what a big man to be saying how "unintimidated" he is standing on a stage surrounded by his hired goons.

    My advice would be to picket with signs like the one Scotty is holding, and other facts like WEDC corruption, teachers leaving in droves, and tge worst economy in the Midwest. Shouting at this dope just gives him the visuals he wants to stir up.his fascist followers.

    While I understand wanting to take a shot when it's there, I'd say it's best to let Scotty's campaign continue its implosion unimpeded

  2. The Blue Fisters — the gift that keeps on giving! Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Dave. We will!
      We give, take care of people. GOP takes. And takes. And takes.

    2. SEIU paid agitators. Talk about scripted. Oh, and they just happen to be associated by the left loons of Addicting Info. What a pathetic and EPIC failure by SEIU.

    3. WHAAAA-ska and Scotty really have nothing other than negativity and trolling, don't they? Even your adolescent scripted lines sound pathetic. No wonder why Scotty's at 6% and falling nationwide.

      By the way, Davey? What do you think your boss Scotty's approval rating in-state will be when it's released on Thursday? I'm setting the line at 36 1/2.

  3. Hi Wanklin. Talked to your mom. She asked me to tell you to take a shower.

    1. Not that he picks up messages here, but...

      ... it's Wank-ER.

  4. "The Blue Fisters — the gift that keeps on giving! Keep up the good work."

    Dave likes being fisted.