Monday, August 10, 2015

Walker Says "See My Policies", Forgets He Has None

From TPM:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Monday directed Fox News viewers to his campaign website to see where he stands on certain issues, yet his website appears to lack a clear landing page where supporters can read about the presidential candidate's policy stances and proposals.

While discussing the media's focus on Donald Trump on Fox News' "America's Newsroom," Walker said that people should focus on the details of the candidates' policy ideas.

"The overall media frenzy across this country, from one network to the next, is focusing on one person when we really should be talking about what we’re for and what plans we have to make this country great again. I hope people join us at and see the details, not about what we think about another candidate, but what we think about making this country great again," Walker said.
The article points out that Politico found Walker's website to be wanting:
Scott Walker
Issue page? No
What's online: There's a chance to "Meet Scott" via a bio page subtitled: "Humble Beginnings. Bold Ideas." On his news page are links to campaign statements slamming President Obama's climate change regulations and Hillary Clinton's Cuba policy. Visitors can also pick up a $299 personalized autographed copy of Walker's latest book. But what they can't find is anything definitive or substantive about what the Wisconsin governor would do in the White House.
Apparently, his webmaster couldn't figure out how to post flip-flopping and punting as policies.

But being the helpful kind of guy that I am, here is a link to Walker's actual policies page.


  1. Not a surprise -- he's a :"drop the bomb" govern-by-surprise kind of guy. After he launches attacks on the public he has a sworn duty to serve, he proclaims that he rain on the crap all along, pants-on-fire lies.

    But the media supports him, far beyond his merits and abilities. While this is a nice catch (TPM), it does not get to the real issue: Walker is a top-tier candidate because of massive amounts of propaganda and now travel at Wisconsin taxpayer's dime.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and former sister WTMJ-AM created this monster -- 2 propaganda vehicles that operate in different ways for different audiences (MJS relatively subtle but constantly publishing Walker's talking points as noooze, WTMJ-AM in-your-face racist hate).

    Walker has no positions other than constantly shifting talking points? Feature, not a glitch -- only possible with complicity of media. Nazi/Hitler amounts of propaganda.

    Why does he think this will fly? Why does he still get millions from big-money donors? They know the game is rigged and they can steal this election.

    Scott Walker did not win 3 elections in 4 years -- his recall and 2014 have impossible vote patterns that cannot represent voter intent, but in each case, the media provided the cover.

    See for yourself:

    Video 1. Recall the Recall Truth: Walker Stole That Election

    Blog post with sourcing/resourcing links:

    Transcript with graphics

    Video 2. The Media & Scott Walker's November 2014 Election Fraud

    Blog Post with sourcing/resourcing links:

    Transcript with graphics

    This is the real story and legacy of Scott Walker and it should disturb people and cause them to take action to stop Walker.


  2. Unknown said...
    Scott Walker's stealth candidacy is all about avoiding "gotcha" moments -- and he can forget about gleaning the Koch millions if he has one. As such, accountability is to be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, Walker runs the risk of a journalist such as yourself saying, "Well isn't that special -- our governor's positions are exactly the same as ALEC/Koch brothers!" (which are readily available, right from the horse's mouth, on Bernie Sanders' website among other places). Our Harley-ridin', ham-sandwich eatin' Man Of The People (cough) can't afford to be exposed for what he is--a bought-and-paid-for sock puppet of the extremely wealthy.

    August 11, 2015 at 3:41 PM

  3. Sorry about the "unknown" -- login error. I'm not Walker, and take full responsibility for what I say.

  4. Walker may not take a stand on many or any issues, but that does not mean that Walker does not have "issues" of his own that voters should know about before they consider voting for him.

    He is stubborn. He does not listen to people that tell him things that he does not want to hear. Or he does not want to go against things that will go against the will of his big money donors. He and his supporters try to say that this is a sign of strength, he won't back down! Unintimidated. As Milwaukee County Executive he imposed furlough days on employees that exceeded the contract between the employee union and Milwaukee County (that had Walkers signature on it). The unions said Walker was wrong. Arbitrators said Walker was wrong. The courts said Walker was wrong. It cost the taxpayers millions of dollars for Walkers decision to make himself look like the tough guy.

    He has sociopathic tendencies that allow him to pass atrocious laws that harm the poorest citizens and greatly benefit the wealthiest among us. Big tax cuts for the rich and drug testing for the poor.

    Walker avoids responsibility. In his budgets for the State of Wisconsin he has balanced his budget by shifting responsibility onto someone else. Example: road kill removal in the latest State budget was taken away from the State and given to the county governments. Walker shifted the cost and responsibility onto someone else in order to make himself look better.

    As Capper says, "with Walker there is always more".