Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scott Walker's Latest Message: "I Will Spend Your Money!"

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker has changed his campaign strategy more times than Cher changes costumes.   This time though, he has decided to campaign on the same ideology as his hero - Ronald Reagan.

Scott Walker has decided to go all in with his latest message  -  "I will spend your money!"

While interupting the work and studies at The Citadel, Scott Walker gave a speech where he exclaimed with glee, that he can not wait to be president so that he can use his Commander in Chief status to start invading countries.

Even though we currently spend well north of $700 Billion on Defense(more than the next 21 countries combined), Scott Walker (never very good at math), has vowed to get serious and really start spending on Defense!

Saying the U.S. military has been weakened by budget measures, Walker called for reversing that trend, saying that defeating ISIS and containing Iran would require a "greater investment of U.S. resources."
Of course, the U.S Resources that he has no problem spending is soldier's lives but that is for another post.  

Scott Walker however, is all in with the spending spree.  He then granted an interview with a local paper in New Hampshire where he used his time to whine about Hillary Clinton and show his complete lack of understanding of the free market.  

Walker also took a jab at Clinton for charging colleges and universities more than $225,000 for appearances, as he froze tuition at Wisconsin state schools for four years.
“I’m doing this for free, by the way,” he said.
Forgetting the fact, there is obviously a DEMAND for Hillary to speak and there is NO DEMAND for Scott Walker to speak, let's take a look at his "doing it for free" statement.

Scott Walker currently makes $144,423/yr with full Cadillac Benefits(way better healthcare plan than yours) and an incredibly generous pension.   Scott Walker, also has complete use of the state plane and the biggest security detail ever in Wisconsin - all paid for by you and I and the rest of the Wisconsin taxpayers.  

So technically, everything that Scott Walker is doing is free - to him, not to us!  Scott Walker, being a career politician has never had much of a sense of money.  He just knows that thanks to us, he wants for nothing.  


  1. And let's not forget all of the added costs due to Walker's corruption and pig-headedness that we've seen in the past 10 days. From $10 million to Talgo for trains that were never used, to $2.2 million to a consultant on the Kenosha Casino who was promptly ignored, to the 2 1/2 years of retro OT costs that Wisconsin taxpayers are now on the hook for, as the "Unintimidated" Governor had his security detail follow him around the country on his many taxpayer-funded trips.

    And who pays the price for this malfeasance? Public education, and local services. It's never the arrogant bastards who caused these unnecessary expenses.

  2. What bothers me more than anything is Walker's out right lie on the Kenosha Casino. He told the public via a fall guy [Mike Huebsch] that the state would be on the hook to pay for losses the Milwaukee Casino might
    incur as a result of Doyle's 2005 contract with the Potawatomi tribe and that was why he was rejecting the Kenosha Casino. Yet his $2.2 million legal team whom he hired to advise him said there was little danger of the state having to pay any money to the other tribes and in fact the Kenosha Casino economic and job benefits would far out weigh any costs to the state. Once again Walker lied to the citizens of this state and the media looks the other way as the public is kept in the dark relative the truth of Walker's actions! When does this lying clown have to face the public and be accountable for his deceptions and lies not to mention the financial costs to the taxpayers?

  3. $50 million for Tango trains, $810 million for HSR (and the jobs it would create), $30 million for internet in rural areas, approximately $1Billion in lost purchasing power from state employees, $500Million (I'm guessing, I've lost count on this one) in lost expanded Medicare $ (in order to let more people die)....