Thursday, August 20, 2015

Deez Nuts Are Topping Scott Walker

By Jeff Simpson

WWJD - What would Jefferson do(or say)?

It is estimated that the 2016 Presidential Election Spending could approach $5 Billion Dollars.  That is just when we get it down to two candidates, one from each party.  That does not take into account what is being wasted on the primaries.

The top 6 Candidates in fundraising, for their respective primaries (4 Republicans, 2 Democrats) are well over $300 Million and the 7th, Rick Perry has raised $15 Million dollars himself, but has stopped paying his staff because he is broke(For the record, Rick Perry got in the race 6/4 and blew through his $15 million by August 11).  All of this and the actual primaries do not even start until next year.

Now keep in mind that these guys are spending millions upon millions of dollars like its Monopoly money, and campaigning 24/7, when you see which candidate is rising in the polls.



August 19, 2015
The latest Public Policy Polling numbers show a surprising presidential hopeful overtaking Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, and Scott Walker(ed. note: remember him) in North Carolina — and he's dead even with Marco Rubio, too. The independent candidate, registered as "Deez Nuts," is officially polling at 9 percent in North Carolina.

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Yes you read that right, people like DEEZ NUTS, more than they like Carly Fiorina or Scott Walker.   

Who is Deez Nuts?  Well most people are not sure, but they know he has to be better than the rest of the Republican Field!!  

It turns out Deez Nuts, who says his real name is Brady Olson, is about to enter his sophomore year in high school, and has a full two decades to prepare for a legal run for president of the United States.A Mark C. Olson, who is listed at the Wallingford address on Deez Nuts's FEC filing, said via Twitter that Deez Nuts is "my 15 year old son."
A fifteen year old Iowa farmboy, is the clear fresh choice for those on the right.

If he joins forces with Ben Bushyhead, The rest of the Republican field had better make planes to head home.  

Seriously though, what does it say about our crazy election process, when candidates are spending hundreds of millions of dollars, and campaign constantly, yet, some 15 yr old kid, came up with a fake name, and played a prank on the Republicans by getting on the ballot and rising in the polls?

I think Americans are losing out in that.   

What Would Thomas Jefferson do?

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