Sunday, December 6, 2015

Abele's FOIA Feckleness

Milwaukee County Executive Emperor Chris Abele has carpet bombed the count with no less than seven extravagant mailers and has flooded the airwaves with no less than four insipid and utterly false commercials.

It has gotten so extreme that even his supporters are wondering just how much trouble he is in and are worried that the excessive advertising will come back to bite Abele.

Well, fellow Milwaukeeans, get ready for another onslaught from Abele.

Cog Dis has learned that Abele's campaign has done a massive FOIA request to each and every county supervisor and Democrat representing Milwaukee in Madison.  State Representative Jonathan Brostoff shared the request he had received on Facebook:

We can expect that Abele and his minions and front groups will soon be flooding our emails with his false advertisements and smear attacks on Chris Larson.

How do I know this? Well, it's not the first time he's done this.

In 2014, Abele had a front group do the very same thing when he was doing his power grab.  He got the email lists from each of the county supervisors and started to cram everyone's emails with his smear attacks on the county board.

They were so cocky about it that they even sent the emails to county workers and to the county board supervisors at their official government email addresses, which is highly illegal.  But then again, we already know that Abele holds little regard for the law anyway.  It is for that very same reason that I would not be surprised if he does the same thing again.

And as if Abele trying to drown everyone with his daddy's money wasn't enough, this stunt also serves to show that Abele's hypocrisy is as big as his over-inflated ego.

Keep in mind that Abele is about to use the private emails of citizens who simply want to keep informed of what is happening in their community as a political data base, Abele also doesn't like to honor FOIA requests sent to his office for legitimate reasons.

Enough is enough. It's time to toss the Boss.

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  1. It sounds like his ego is bigger than his narcissism. I don't know which is worse.