What does it take to get kicked off the editorial pages of the Journal Sentinel website? Lots and lots of unhinged posts to embarrass himself.

As Collin Roth wrote recently lamenting the soon to be end of the first amendment:

The political left is constantly looking for ways to cut off debate. It starts in the political and cultural realm where issues are determined to be “settled.” Once a consensus is reached, voices try to discredit and delegitimize those holding different viewpoints and dissenters are dealt with like pariahs or worse - criminals.

We have a very deep supply of irony in Wi.

What makes this even more hilarious is his closing paragraph.

 Freedom is never more than a generation from extinction. If you have the eyes to see it, freedom is in the fight of its life. From the political and judicial realm to those of culture and business, the First Amendment is being eroded in every sphere. The trajectory is not good. Debate is being curtailed. Government’s power and reach is expanding. And our republic is losing the diversity and vibrancy that has served it so well through times of triumph and trial.

Of course Roth was able to write this silly victimation of the right on his Right Wisconsin website, which at one time was paid for by Lee Enterprises, the owners of the biggest media outlets in WI(their product has been so poor, thanks in large part to this not sure who owns them anymore).  

Roth could also go on Hate talkers Charely Sykes, Jeff Wagner, Mark Belling, Jerry Bader and Vicki Mckenna's radio shows to tell everyone how the right is a victim of losing their "free speech".

Roth could also go to numerous right wing extremist websites like Wisconsin Watchdog, MacIver Institute, WPRI, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Institute,  Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, and a list of many others.

If that is not gettng his message across that free speech is dead for those on the right wing, he could also take it to numerous bloggers, including 90% of Purple Wisconsin who identify with far far right of center.

If he is even more desperate than that, he can write a Letter to the Editor, to every paper in Wisconsin and get it published.

Yes Collin Roth and our friends on the right are victims in the incredible war on speech that only Republicans seem to be affected.    If only they had some way to get their message across to the people of Wisconsin.

Maybe we can have Mike Grebe set up another tax free "non political" 501c3 to help fight this horrible war on our Republic.

Thank goodness we have Patriots like Collin Roth to fight these battles!