Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Irony Overdose

By Jeff Simpson

On the eve of the next Republican debate, GOP frontrunner and future Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump held a rally where there were some Black Lives Matter protesters.

This one was a little different though, because while we are used to the GOP thugs in the audience assaulting protesters, they now feel empowered to take it even further yelling “Light that motherf*cker on fire!” and  “Sieg heil!”

Classy with a capital K !

Since everyone is blindly chasing Trumo we will see if tonights debate will be aired in its original German.

Our friends on the right were so outraged by this....o wait they were not outraged by this at all, they had something else to be "faux outraged" at.

A stupid retweet by Senator Dave Hanson.

It was a stupid tweet and an even dumber retweet and Right Wisconsin, who must pay someone to follow Democrats twitter accounts, was all over it.

While they were "outraged", I have to give them some credit, they blacked out the word that offended them in their story.

However Rep. John Jagler, who has a child with Downs Syndrome, was beside himself with anger.  Jagler was so mad and disgusted with the word used, that he personally tweeted it out twice(which was loved and retweeted by countless others on the right like Eric Bott, John Nygren and Charley Sykes).

You just can not make this stuff up!  Here is one of the actual tweets.

It is shameful that anyone, let alone a state senator would retweet this. this is disgraceful

For my friends on the right who lack an irony gene, let me explain.

It is shameful that anyone, let alone a state senator would retweet this - says the Representative who is actually retweeting this!

As someone who is offended by that word, I call on Rep. Jagler, Sen. Nygren, Charley Sykes, Eric Bott, Nathan Schacht, and whoever else tweeted that out to score political points to apologize!!

That kind of word does not belong in our political discourse, we need to get back to the civil days when Scott Walker compared protesters to ISIS and Christian Schneider called Senator Feingold worse than a child rapist(if you are scoring at home, neither time was there an apology or a word of caution from our friends on teh right). .

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  1. This is where it's important to remember that Rep. Jag-off'so previous career to being a gerrymandered Assemblyman was saying "Up next on WTMJ, Charlie Sykes saus why scumbucket lib'ruls are destroying your life."

    The GOPS sure are a sensitive sort, aren't they? Methinks they protest too much, and something big's about to blow. Hence the need to play the faux-trage game to distract the rubes.