Monday, December 14, 2015

The $200.009.75 Wisconsin Fish Fry

By Jeff Simpson

On the heels of a devastating $250 million dollar cut to the UW system, Scott Walker, working with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism(our tax dollars), the University of Wisconsin Athletic department(our tax dollars), Levy restaurants (winner of the Scott Walker pick a private company winner) and JP Cullen (winner also of the Scott Walker pick a private company winner) have teamed up to build and operate a new food stand, available for people lucky enough to attend an event at the Kohl Center.

The stand, which underwent a $90,000 remodel, is located outside of Section 112 at Gate C and includes a neon sign outlined in small light bulbs. Another $110,000 is being spent on radio, social media and other advertising associated with the venue, said Lisa Marshall, a tourism spokeswoman.

No mention of royalties coming back to the tourism department with food sales, were there RFP's other sites considered or how I can get the WI Department of Tourism to spend $200,000 taxpayer dollars marketing my business.

I am sure the donations to Scott Walker and his friends by Compass Group(Levy Restaurants) and JP Cullen, sure did not hurt.

Even though this "partnership" seems to have caused Scott Walker to through free market principles out the door,and shows that Mr. Walker is a strong supporter of socialism by using the Government to compete against private business, the worst part is WHY we have to spend this kind of money advertising locally.

“It’s really about our brand, and our brand is fun,” said Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett as she chewed on a deep-fried cheese curd. “In advertising, we can’t forget to advertise to our own folks. Fifty-one percent of our (tourists) are from Wisconsin, so we want to keep them here. It’s important that we advertise in our own state.”

In a state that is ranked the worst state for a black people to live in, that is widely know for slashing education budgets, an inept partisan Supreme Court, one the biggest declining middle classes in the country along with massive layoffs almost daily, lakes that are contaminated and a Governor who thinks building a wall around Canada is a good idea, it is no wonder, we have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Wisconsinites to stay in Wisconsin.  

At least it beats bringing in B-list stars,and a blow up doll, from an 80's movie that has not been relevant in 25 years to try and reach the younger generation of tourists!

I am sure that the people who head to the Kohl Center to watch the Alaska Nanooks play Hockey V the Wisconsin Badgers, will be swayed by $8.50 pot roast, to spend their hard earned vacation dollars on Lake Namakagon!

It all smells a little fishy to me!  


  1. At least the profits should go to pay back the state what Walker owes from his failed fantast bid to be president plus interest and penalties!

  2. NO . His bold are his responsibility not ours

  3. MD Kittle uncovers Doyle's sweetheart deal (you now that dark money funneled to his campaign) costing Wis taxpayers over $5,000,000.00 per year.
    Simpson thinks a $90 thousand remodeling of a venue at Kohl's center is outrageous. Guess we know who the JV team is. Of course I don't think Simpson or capper have ever passed up a food cart.

    1. We do know who the JV team is, and you're on it Jeffy.

      Citing MD Kittle? Are you this much of a sucker, or are you paid to look so stupid. Please tell me this is your job.

      As a 2-time UW grad and anot AD donor, it is ridiculous we are using taxpayer dollars and space to have this ridiculous gimmick of a food stand. You can't even drink there!

  4. The Yea But Doyle defense....based on an MD kittle investigative report. thanks for making my day!