Sunday, December 6, 2015

Report: 50% Community College Students Risk Hunger, Homelessness

Republicans love to tell poor people that they just need to go to school, get a degree and then they can get a better job and not be so damn poor.

However, that's easier said than done, especially with their agenda of plantation economics.

To confirm what we already new, the University of Wisconsin released a report showing the results of a survey which showed that half the students in community colleges are in risk of homelessness and hunger:
More than half of community college students surveyed at 10 schools in seven states are at risk of hunger or homelessness, according to a new study released Friday by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Hungry to Learn: Addressing Food & Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates,” helps respond to lingering questions about how widespread is the challenge to college students of meeting basic needs, Sara Goldrick-Rab, founding director of the HOPE Lab and co-author of the study, said Friday.

“Such high rates of food and housing insecurity among hard-working college students indicate that the nation faces a serious crisis,” Goldrick-Rab wrote in an Op-Ed piece published Friday in the New York Times. “Much of the conversation in Washington concerning college costs — whether it’s about simplifying the financial aid application or refinancing student loans — seems almost trivial in comparison with the problems these students face.”
The article goes on to point out that the number of respondents was rather low which might mean that the number of students in peril could be much higher.

It also points out that instead of viewing expanding services like SNAP as an entitlement or waste of money, it should be viewed as an investment and a student retention program.

Don't expect the Republicans to go along with that any time soon, though. That would only go to show a brighter light on their hypocrisy and greed.

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