Thursday, December 3, 2015

Scott Walker to Wisconsinites - Down is Up

By Jeff Simpson

From Governor Walker's facebook page today:

Governor Scott Walker
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From 2010-2014, median household income has actually gone up 7.4 percent.

MADISON (AP) -- New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the median household income fell in two-thirds of Wisconsin counties between 2009 and 2014.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the census bureau released data Thursday that shows incomes fell by at least 10 percent in 10 counties. Vilas County saw the steepest decline at 13.3 percent.
Milwaukee County saw a 10.3 percent drop to $43.385. Dane County saw a 5.2 percent drop to $62,303. Incomes rose in two counties, Adams and Florence, and held relatively steady in 23 counties.
Wisconsin's declining incomes reflect a national trend. The country saw its median income drop by 7.5 percent to $53,482 after adjusting for inflation.
Lucky for the Walker Administration we do not have merit pay for politicians.   


  1. Walker's doing a pathetic cherry-pick job. The 5-year averages are comparing the numbers from the '05-'09 averages to the '10-'14 ones. Naturally the first numbers include the years before Bush's Great Recession hit, the newer ones have the damage "baked in".

    All Scotty's tweet is missing is a "THANKS OBAMA!"

  2. Politifact shed some light on this today. Walker is such a fearless leader that denying climate change isn't enough -- he's now an INFLATION-denier. Yikes.

    Still, I think Politifact is being very very generous by only calling Walker's statement "mostly false."

    Can't imagine it instills much confidence in the job-creator class to see that the Office of the Governor is either incapable of adjusting figures for inflation or denying that inflation is a thing.