Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Chris Abele's Peculiar Campaign Kickoff

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Milwaukee County Executive Emperor Chris Abele is loathe to give up his throne.  He and his wealthy friends have been cashing in on his reign and turning Milwaukee County into a plutocrat's playground.

It is also no surprise since Abele has already spent well over a million dollars on no less than seven oversized mailers and inundating the airwaves with his commercials and propaganda.

However, when Emperor Abele finally made his official campaign announcement, it was rather lackluster at best.  Abele chose to announce his campaign with a dull email late on a Sunday, repeating the same lies, obfuscations and fantasies that he had been spewing in his mailers and commercials.  Not even a campaign promise or an agenda. Just very general and meaningless platitudes.

Talk about anti-climatic.

But there is something else rather peculiar about Abele's announcement.

Four years ago, Abele and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced their candidacies together and immediately endorsed each other at the same time.  Now, Abele sends off a low profile announcement without any sign of Barrett.

Furthermore, Abele has already endorsed Barrett again but I have not heard that this has been reciprocated by Barrett.

Perhaps Barrett has realized that Abele - with his $80 million giveaway to hedge fund billionaires, giving away public assets for a song, taking over MPS schools and placing sex offenders into communities after promising not to - is much too toxic and is backing off from Abele.

It would be the politically wise thing for Barrett to do.

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