Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wisconsin Mayor Calls Obama A Muslim, Blames Him For Everything

Bud Hagen, the mayor of Superior, Wisconsin, is getting a lot of heat - and deservedly so - for making an ass out of himself on Facebook:
A Wisconsin mayor is pushing back against criticism for calling President Obama a Muslim, saying he holds the office of the presidency in high regard but has “no respect for the current administration.”

Superior City Councilors are asking for Mayor Bruce Hagen to apologize or resign for a Facebook comment he made on a photo of first lady Michelle Obama.

“Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of Democracy that was so very hard fought for,” he wrote, a local Fox News affiliate reported.

City councilor Graham Garfield said a recall for Mr. Hagen is not out of the question, but it would be left up to the public.

“I’m not saying he’s done anything criminal, but he’s certainly put his leadership capabilities in question,” Mr. Garfield told Fox.
Hagen defends his idiocy by claiming the First Amendment Right to Free Speech, not understanding that there is a difference between exercising his right and abusing it. Hagen also said it was OK because he doesn't like Obama or his administration.

Instead of saying what I really think of Hagen, I'll just share how this 22-year old Muslim woman from Superior schooled the old bigot:
Bender said he received a phone call from a constituent who told him it's difficult to be a Muslim in the United States these days. "She was hurt by this," Bender said.

The constituent, Caitlin Shayda Pendleton, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Hagen's attempts to defend his comments on the grounds that he doesn't respect the Obama administration aren't valid.

"Obama as a Muslim is not a useful criticism. It adds nothing valuable to discussions on policy," said Pendleton, a 22-year-old Muslim who grew up in Superior and is home from Washington, D.C., to visit family.

Pendleton, a Middle East research analyst, said it's one thing to hear a presidential candidate make such statements.

"To hear the mayor of my hometown is more personal than hearing a presidential candidate saying bigoted things," she said. "He has freedom of speech. He can say what he wants and people who listen to him also have freedom of speech to respond. But what he said is factually incorrect and deeply offensive.

"I have faith when he thinks through his comment, an apology would be sufficient," she said.


  1. Everyone is positioning to be trumps vp

  2. Trump (and most of the others one way or another) have taken the sheets off the closely held beliefs of a significant segment of the population by making it seem acceptable to be a delusional bigot. It is Pandora's box and will be difficult to put back in it's place if possible at all.

  3. Why does no one ask Mayor Hagen these questions:
    1) How exactly has President Obama "destroyed the fabric of democracy" in the USA? Details please. Write an essay.
    2) How is Obama a "Muslim" and what exactly does Hagen think a Muslim is?

    Point? The Mayor is divorced from reality. Does Superior want a mayor who can't tell fantasy from reality?