Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In Aftermath Of More Mass Shootings, Gun Nuts Stick To Their Guns

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm had a presser on Wednesday at which they pointed out the obvious - there is a clear correlation between the Republicans loosening the gun laws and the spike in crime:
Two top law enforcement leaders in Milwaukee County took aim at the state's concealed carry law as a possible contributing factor in Milwaukee's spike in gun violence this year.

"Since that law has passed, almost every single year, the number of crime guns seized by this department has gone up and the time-to-crime on our most frequently used weapons has decreased," Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Wednesday.

"Now that's correlation not causation, but it's a pretty strong correlation."

The average time-to-crime, which is derived from the date of a gun's original purchase to the date of recovery, has dropped from 10.6 years in 2012 to 8.6 years in 2014 for all guns, according to the department.

In each of 2013 and 2014, 20% of the handguns recovered had a time-to-crime of less than six months.

Flynn made his remarks during a Milwaukee Community Justice Council meeting, which focused on rising numbers of nonfatal shootings — 552 people have been shot this year in the city of Milwaukee as of Nov. 11 — and homicides, which already have reached a decade-high this year.

During the meeting, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm also said his office was concerned about people lawfully carrying concealed weapons "in collaboration with or close proximity or directly with somebody that doesn't have a firearm and next thing you know they're using the lawful firearm for an unlawful purpose."
These simple facts have gotten a couple of local bloggers to get their undies in a bundle.

Sam Hagedorn says that these are lies, all lies!, because if they were true, the cops would have released the numbers of licensed concealed carriers to back up their statements.

Old Lady Robinson makes the same lame argument and adds that Milwaukee is the only place in the state that has seen an uptick in crime.

First, let's take care of that straw man.

If either of these idiots could read, they would have noted that neither man had said that the problem was exclusively with licensed concealed carry people.  Rather, it's more related to the sudden influx of guns that can be stolen, sold or handled irresponsibly.

Secondly, thanks to the NRA, it's not so easy to "just pull up the numbers":
Only upstanding citizens get permits, we were assured. The legislators, the NRA and other pro-gun groups painted pictures of fearless folks armed with a pistol saving a bank from being robbed, a woman from being attacked, a house from being intruded upon, or themselves from being injured. Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald heralded the new law as a great victory for Badger State residents and the Second Amendment.

The Wisconsin politicians, however, made sure that it would be difficult to determine whether the new law actually does what they claim it will do. As in most concealed carry states, the names of people who get permits are not subject to the open records law. So if there’s an incident involving a shooting, for instance, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to determine whether either the person doing the shooting or the one who is shot has a permit.

That also means that news media and other public watchdog organizations will have a difficult time determining whether public officials are diligently checking the backgrounds of those who are awarded permits.

Ironically, the shielding of concealed carry permits from public inspection has been a major reason why the gun lobby has been able to claim that concealed carry laws have not caused any problems. The trouble is, because of the secrecy, it’s virtually impossible to prove whether they do or they don’t.
So either these two loudmouths, Hadedorn and Robinson, are damn ignorant or are purposely lying to their readers. I'll let them tell you which they are (but I'd go with both).

And if Robinson thinks that Milwaukee is the only place in the state that's seen an increase in crime, he has his head either in the sand or in his butt.  Again, I'll let him tell you which.

What makes these two clowns shooting off their mouths like they were shooting off their guns is that it comes immediately in the wake of two more mass shootings, bringing the number of mass shootings in this country to more than 350 in just this year.


  1. Just a reminder, there were over 600,000 "long guns" being used all over Wis the last 10 days. I don't remember reading about all the carnage, mayhem and murders do you crapper?

    1. I remember that even though it was one of the lowest number of hunters, there were numerous "accidents."

    2. Jeff you need to

    3. Tell us how many felonies were committed With those 600,00 guns. If you two had any proof of crimes committed by CC holders you'd be spouting it. Oh and capper, you'll need to add a county worker to that wall of shame, seeing he was a good card carrying Union Brother.