Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Scott Walker Sold Us Out To Ted Cruz

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By Jeff Simpson 

This email recently came to my inbox:

Cruz For President
This is huge.
A group of generous donors have just agreed to match all online donations -- dollar for dollar -- made in the next EIGHT days. 
That's right: your donation of $25 is now worth $50, your donation of $50 instantly doubles to $100, or your donation of $1000 now becomes worth $2000!
This incredible opportunity for you and me is only good for the next EIGHT days, and it only applies to online donations.
I have included (below) the special, secure donations links you must use to take advantage of this TREMENDOUS opportunity.

I was wondering why I got that email since I do not remember signing up for the "lunatics who have no chance to be President of the United States" group...then I read a little more and I guess I did.

 This email was sent by: Scott Walker Inc., Post Office Box 620590, Middleton, WI 53562

Scott Walker, yet again selling us out to the highest bidder.  

It is funny because the last email I receved from Scott Walker, actually came from one of his henchmen Keith Gilkes.  If you do not know who Keith Gilkes is, he is former Walker campaign worker who helped run Milwaukee County when Scott Walker was county exec.  Gilkes became famous when a Milwaukee County parking structure collapsed and tragically killed a teenager in front of his family, his first reaction was we need to protect Scott Walker politically.  

Now Gilkes is doing the panhandling for Scott Walker:

In case you missed it, I am forwarding Governor Walker’s recent email to you because I believe in him so much. 
He needs your help today to end our “Walker for America” campaign in the black and I urge you to respond with your usual generosity.
As you may recall, I was his campaign manager when he ran for Governor in 2010 and we pulled off a big victory in a blue state. 
And I was by his side as his Chief of Staff when he launched the most historic and far-reaching reforms of any Governor in modern history. Back in 2011, our rivals smirked that we had zero chance of success and there would be hell to pay if we tried. 
They were wrong about the first thing … our reforms passed and Wisconsin was transformed. But they were right about the second thing -- they launched a nasty recall race against Governor Walker. 
I went back to run his recall election campaign in 2012, and although our opponents spent tens of millions of dollars and the Big Government Labor Bosses did their dirty work, Governor Walker won again. 
What our rivals don’t understand about Governor Scott Walker is that he is a driven, movement conservative who never quits. They underestimate him. Just as Governor Walker is convinced America’s best days are ahead, I am convinced that his best days as a conservative leader are ahead of him.

Scott Walker would prefer you pay his bills so he doesn't have too.   Heck you deserve an award if you can blow $7 Million dollars in 71 days!  

Wonder what is next for Scott Walker?  An e-mail begging wisconsinites to pay for his kids college tuition?  We all remember that he has asked for your kids Christmas money, so anything is possible.

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  1. Did the press ever pursue whether any documents were actually destroyed as a result of Gilkes email?

  2. Start spamming Scott Walker's company, Sign them up for snail mail and junk mail services.