Friday, December 4, 2015

The Rebecca Bradley Non-Partisan Ruse

By Jeff Simpson

Supreme Court appointee, and Scott Walker Shrill, Rebecca Bradley is having a rough year.    Ms. Bradley was recently appointed to her third Judge position in three years by Scott Walker

Shortly after she was appointed, we found out that she had bought the website "", confirming what everyone in WI knew.  The fix was in.

Then in her first official duties as a newly appointed Justice, she sent out a fundraising letter from a prominent member of the community.   Sheriff David Clarke, fresh off of calling "blacks, lazy, uneducated and morally bankrupt", was the one chosen to send the letter.   I guess that kind of talk was exactly what she needed to appeal to her base.

Now, thanks to some research by One Wisconsin now,  we find out what appealed to Scott Walker most about Ms. Bradley that made him start wanting to appoint her to any job he could.    She wrote a column a few years ago, equating birth control with murder and wanting to excuse pharmacists from performing their duties.   

The so called "conscious clause" which allows Pharmacist to morally judge you to see if you are worthy of the prescriptions that  the doctor has written out for the patient.   Ms. Bradley feels that there is no need for a woman to go to a pharmacy to get her prescribed and medically necessary form of birth control, when she has so many other options.

We entrust women ­ even minors ­ with the decisions to conceive, take contraceptives and abort their unborn children. It is certainly reasonable to expect women to plan for obtaining contraceptives from
another pharmacy, the nearest Planned Parenthood or an emergency room.
Yes those are Republican Supreme Court Justice Appointee Rebecca Bradley's own words(not Donald Trumps).  Forgetting the irony that she is touting Planned Parenthood's benefits while her bosses are defunding them as quick as possible, Ms. Bradley seems to think that emergency rooms are a good place for teens to go to get access to contraception. 

If you think that is silly she will be making a headlining appearance on December 6th at the Right Wing Extremist Holiday Party 

Featured Speaker: Justice Rebecca Bradley
Justice Bradley, recently appointed by Governor Walker, will be an incredible addition to the court. We need tough people in these spots cause all hell breaks loose, in Mad City regularly. Rebecca can do the job.

Please RSVP here or directly to
Wisconsin Conservative Digest
11324 W. Potter Rd.
Wauwatosa, WI 53226-3407
That way the GOP can help Ms. Bradley get her nomination papers signed.   


   Do we really want to stack the court with bitter right wing partisans who have no time for science, the law or facts and only time to rubber stamp what the Assembly and Governor tells them to?

Let us vote in a real judge this time, one who respects the law as is and is not beholden to anyone.

JoAnne Kloppenburg for Justice! 


  1. A vote against her will be a first good step towards ridding Wisconsin's Supreme Court of the corruption that has taken over the majority of the Court

  2. I agree that Kloppenberg would be a good start If we could get Prosser removed by proving he shows bias that would be another great thing That Son Of a Bitch got away with election fraud which he freely admitted to on the technicality that the statute of limitations ran out He also should have been removed for laying hands on a female Judge in a threatening manner Any other work place would have bounced his ass out with out a second thought.
    Maybe we should change that statute on election fraud top the same as 1st degree murder NO Statute of limitations.

    1. The district attorney in Sauk County investigated and declared no charges against either Anne Walsh Bradley (whom she named first in her announcement) or David Prosser. Eye witnesses said Bradley ran up to Prosser, with her fists raised, pinning him against a bookshelf.

    2. That is a rewriting of history that would make a Texas textbook proud!

  3. Blaska approves of strangling uppity women. I think this video gem below tells all we need to know about about the admitted felon prosser (prosser admits to felonies Prosser loses cool on camera, on verge of assualting reporter: Bonus: Annette Ziegler angrily snaps gum like 13 year old caught with shoplifted cigarettes

  4. Is it me, or is there something dangerously wrong with serial tippler (and assaulter of policemen Ickey Mckenna

  5. It's you. BTW: You should see Sarge's rap sheet!