Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scott Walker - Wrong Again

By Jeff Simpson 

I know he did not register much of a blip on the radar screen, but for those of you who remember, that Scott Walker actually thought he could be President of the United States.   After 71 days and blowing $7 MILLION dollars(he still owes the taxpayers of WI hundreds of thousands of dollars), he dropped out of the race while polling 0%.

One of his major issues(and really everyone on the R side who is running for President) is they are going to "rebuild the military" after President Obama has "destroyed' it.

On ISIS, Walker stated(amphasis mine), "you've got to take them out entirely--it takes a combination of building up force in terms of the United States military, which I think has fallen to woefully low levels here, it standing up with our allies like Israel, it means working with other allies around the world, but it also means making partners even in the Arab world--Jordan, certainly Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others--Egypt, for sure, of late have seen what's happened, they want a leader in America."
For those of our friends on the right who spend their day with Obama Derangment Syndrome, this just happened:

BATH, Maine (AP) - The largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy headed out to sea for the first time Monday, departing from shipbuilder Bath Iron Works and carefully navigating the winding Kennebec River before reaching the open ocean where the ship will undergo sea trials.
More than 200 shipbuilders, sailors and residents gathered to watch as the futuristic 600-foot, 15,000-ton USS Zumwalt glided past Fort Popham, accompanied by tugboats.
Kelley Campana, a Bath Iron Works employee, said she had goose bumps and tears in her eyes.
"This is pretty exciting. It's a great day to be a shipbuilder and to be an American," she said. "It's the first in its class. There's never been anything like it. It looks like the future."
Larry Harris, a retired Raytheon employee who worked on the ship, watched it depart from Bath.
"It's as cool as can be. It's nice to see it underway," he said. "Hopefully, it will perform as advertised."
Bath Iron Works will be testing the ship's performance and making tweaks this winter. The goal is to deliver it to the Navy sometime next year.
"We are absolutely fired up to see Zumwalt get underway. For the crew and all those involved in designing, building, and readying this fantastic ship, this is a huge milestone," the ship's skipper, Navy Capt. James Kirk, said before the ship departed.
The ship has electric propulsion, new radar and sonar, powerful missiles and guns, and a stealthy design to reduce its radar signature. Advanced automation will allow the warship to operate with a much smaller crew size than current destroyers.
All of that innovation has led to construction delays and a growing price tag. The Zumwalt, the first of three ships in the class, will cost at least $4.4 billion.

So a $4.4 billion dollar new naval destroyer is proof that our military is decimated?  The so called fiscal conservatives want to drastically increase our military budget while cutting on social services?

Think about that when going to the polls in November!!

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