Friday, December 4, 2015

Scott Walker - See Something, Say Something!

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker, held a press conference on the day of the latest mass shootings to tell Wisconsinites to be afraid, be very afraid this Holiday season,.

As with every one of the Governor's great  ideas, I am all on board.  

Although, Mr. Walker did not tell us who we are supposed to contact when we see things that are suspicious, so let me start here. 

In the last few years, I have not seen anything as suspicious as this pic.   A group of unscrupulous, morally bankrupt people with no checks and balances and who were up to no good gathered in one spot as this right here:


Please feel free to forward to the proper authorities.  

But wait!  There is more! 

While that may be the most suspicious, there is plenty more like these:

cake 001.jpg



Ok have to stop here.  Getting nightmares.  

If this is not enough proof that we need to be vigilant and inform authorities when we see suspicious characters roaming the streets, I do not know what is!    


  1. Lộttả sleazy amoral white guys from worthless areas of the state there. And I do mean white, and I do mean GUYS (although ALEC Vukmir could fit in here as well)