Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dr. Means Follow Up Visit

By Jeff Simpson

We brought you the story recently about the Mequon Thiensville teacher, Mrs. Lesiecki, who was, fired, filed a complaint and then eventually reached a settlement to leave her high school math teaching position of 18 years.

The administrator of the MTSD, and person who made the decision to fire, is Dr. Demond Means, who was recently tapped by Milwaukee County Executive, as the newly created position of Milwaukee County Public Education takeover Czar.

While details at the time were sketchy, although we did know one thing that Dr. Means told us.

"The district has knowledge and has been informed there is a critical post about the student involved in this situation from the teacher on her personal social media site,” Superintendent Dr. Demond Means said.
Mrs. Lesiecki, through her attorney, denied the allegations:

Since Lesiecki has been told by the district not to discuss this, her union advocate issued WISN 12 News a statement on her behalf regarding the post in question.
It reads, in part, "Ms. Lesiecki is neither responsible for, nor aware of, any social media post that names any student with regard to the MTSD administrative allegations against her."
As we always point out here, there is more, there is always more!!

Thanks to an open records request, we found out that there is actually less.   No where in internal documents was she accused of posting a demeaning comment about the student.

Reading the ORR files, we see a few other items are missing

* An apology from Dr. Means for stating misleading and untruthful information to the press, regarding Mrs. Lesiecki.

* A truly compelling reason to end an 18 year career

* Simple protections from the Teachers Unions, to protect someone from being treated so poorly by administration

*  Parent/Teacher/student cooperation in helping create the best learning environment for your child

Its time to clear Mrs. Lisiecki's name, and have everyone move on.  It is also time for a courageous politician to point out the many many failings of ACT10 and campaign on overturning it!  It is also time to say NO to the Milwaukee Public School Takeover. 

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