Thursday, December 17, 2015

Don't Fence Us Out

By Jeff Simpson

If there has ever been a greater symbolic representation in history, I have not seen it.

This is a picture of the outside of Paul Ryan's Janesville home.

More Paul Ryan's Border Wall Breitbart News
As Breitbart News’s photographic documentation reveals, Ryan’s home is surrounded by a tall border fence reinforced by equally high bushes— ensuring both privacy and security. Moreover, the fence is manned by an on-duty agent who guards his property’s perimeter. Upon even the slightest appearance of any unusual activity— such as a 5’2″ female taking a photograph of the fence— Ryan’s border agent will deploy into action to ensure the perimeter’s sovereignty.

An armed guard, a big fence and established trees and shrubs....Yes Paul Ryan is just a little guy from small town WI living the dream.  Your typical Janesville native who happens to ive in a gated and armed guarded mansion.  


  1. Huh, I don't recall Simpsom writing a blog post whinning about Nancy Pelosi's net worth, which by any estimate I've seen is 10 times what Congressman's Ryan is. Again just another face plant by Simpson.

    1. No Jeff, not the same. Pelosi, isnt trying to screw your parents and grandparents out of their social security. Pelosi, isnt trying to destroy the American economy, and leave you as slave labor.

    2. The yea but defense is always my favorite. I just thought this was great after his silly interview on 60' minutes telling us what a great small town boy he is who loves Janesville.

      Like everything else in his career it's a facade and a load of crap

  2. Ryan is just like Walker. He sneaks in and hides away from the public when he's in Janesville. He has no interest in hearing what his hometowners have to say.

  3. Conspiracy Theory: at a brokered convention, Paul Ryan will be nominated from the floor for President. No baggage, didn't have to go through crazy debates, loved by base. just a thought