Thursday, December 10, 2015

Peter Barca Endorses Abele's Daddy's Checkbook

Abele gave me a stack of cash
this big for my endorsement!
I was saddened to hear that State Representative Peter Barca has endorsed Chris Abele's daddy's checkbook in the race for Milwaukee County Executive race.

I was saddened but not surprised.

Barca has a history of squashing any criticism of Abele whenever Abele would do one of his power grabs, donate money to Republican opponents or other detrimental acts.  Barca would say that such criticism might make Abele stop from making contributions to the Assembly Democrats.

It is also well known that Barca is tight friends with Abele's campaign manager and former Democrat Party boss, Mike Tate.

In other words, Barca has decided to go against the unions, the poor, the taxpayers and progressive policies in favor of a campaign donation.  Barca is willing to overlook the selling off of public assets, endangering public safety, and the decimation of representative government as long as the money keeps flowing in.

Then again, I could be wrong.  Just look at the massive Democratic majority in the state assembly and all of the races that Barca and Tate won over the last three cycles, including a presidential election year...

Oh, wait.

No, I'm not wrong.

Sorry, Barca, you sellout, but I will stand with the people and continue my support for Chris Larson.


  1. Huh. Just when all my Democratic Party friends have been telling me how the DP is turning around, new leadership, change is coming, blah blah blah...

  2. Im not surprised either. At the 2013 convention I had an argument with him over support for DINOs who undermine the platform and confuse the message. He responded by telling me how he gets elected with such large margins. Of course he is gerrymandered into that district which neighboring districts go begging, perhaps one reason he pays only lip service to redistricting reform.

  3. The "democrat party" huh?
    Interesting choice of wording.

  4. Perter Barca is a right-wing Democrat. Not only does he support right-wing Democrats, he supports right-wing ideas, such as enacting a state law declaring cheese to be a form of junk food, anointing charter school shill Mary Burke as the Democratic nominee for Governor of Wisconsin, and supporting Scott Walker's corporate welfare giveaway to the Milwaukee Bucks.

  5. I searched the internet for proof of this endorsement and could find now. Can you please direct me to something supporting this claim?