Friday, July 30, 2010

Battle Of The Stock Options

Things are heating up in the race between Senator Russ Feingold and Ron "Tony Hayworth" Johnson. The latest round of blows deal with the stocks each candidate owns.

RoJo is still having problems with not knowing what to do with his BP stock. (It is hard for Republicans to part with a dime, much less hundreds of thousands of dollars.) RoJo's flip-flopping hit the national scene recently:

But Senator Feingold has his own issues with hanging onto stock he owns. To explain it away, he issued this statement:
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend today's Green Bay Packers annual shareholder meeting. However, I want to make it clear that I will not be divesting my one share in the Packers. Not because it's the only stock I own, or because market conditions predict a Super Bowl, but because I am a committed Packer fan whether they are up or down."
- U.S. Senator Russ Feingold


  1. I guess russ is as clueless on his own finances as he is on the countries finances. He is invested in the state pension fund; these are stocks.

  2. He does not have direct control over the state's pension fund, now does he?

    On the other hand, RoJo has full control of his stock options. He has also made it painfully clear that, to him, profit is more important than doing the right thing.

  3. Passing the buck for Russ are you? You are the one that echoed he owns no stock lie...yet he is invested so he does. The reason a liberal blogger or the media doesn't call him on his lie is something I can't answer.

  4. Maybe because your argument is without merit. He does not "own" the stock. The pension system owns it. Any other lies you need me to disprove?

  5. Well as of yet you failed to disprove anything. He is invested in the pension system...and part of these monies are in stocks.

    For his statement and your to be accurate he would need to cash out of the pension system.

  6. Then you would agree that RoJo should sell off all of his stock, regardless of what company it is?

  7. lol, this isn't about "him" now is it. Changing the subject again after being proven wrong...I smell a pattern, or is it a coping mechanism.

  8. Aw, what's the matter, Lambchop? Sockpuppet can't answer the question? You think that Feingold should disenroll from the state's retirement system, even though that acts as a blind trust for him. But you have no problem with RoJo having complete control of his stocks, and flip flopping on what the will do with them.

    Not only are you a sockpuppet, you are a troll.

  9. "You think that Feingold should disenroll from the state's retirement system"
    Another false accusation.

    I have no problem with either candidate owning investments; they both do. I have a problem with politicians that state they don't own anything when the do; and the people that blindly think their [candidate] position is correct.

    To your school yard behavior, I see the trend is continuing. First side-step than cast an insult. I am beginning to think it's a coping mechanism after all.

    Interesting this site has the same naming conventions rules as your other site you complain about. If you don't like the anonymous comments, remove the option...or stop you whining.

  10. Considering the fact that your whole premise is a lie, saying he owns stock simply because he is vested in the ERS, goes hand in hand with your trying to defend your unscrupulous behaviors.

  11. Since he is vested and the vesting is partly based in stocks...this then means he is an owner of stocks.

    To your lame attempt at unscrupulous knowing your existing pattern...well enough said.

  12. Again, Feingold has no control over how the pension board invests the funds. He is not the owner of said stock, the pension board is.

    RoJo, OTOH, has full control of his personally owned stock, and has made it painfully clear his profiteering his more important to him than standing up for his country.

  13. The pension board does not own Russ' investment Russ wonder you fail every time you try practicing math and accounting.

    Profiteering...the same thing Russ' practices with his investment in the pension fund. Pot meet kettle.

  14. Those who claim that investment in a fund is the same as ownership of stock held by the fund have no understanding of the law on what constitutes ownership.